⭐ Fresh start/reroll guild

I’ve just stumbled upon the repopulation project on Flamelash and I believe they do what we intended but better and on a much larger scale. Therefore I’m not going to progress with this guild and urge you to check out Reinforcements on Flamelash.

The fresh reroll experience - Repopulating Flamelash Alliance


Are u guys US or EU?

This is something that I would really be interested in. I have s level 60 prot warrior and am experiencing the problems that you listed above. I have added you on discord. Look forward to talking to you

Interested aswell.

We are EU :eu:

Lot’s of interest so far. We will be setting up a discord to discuss everything in the next few days. Jump aboard if you want to be part of the journey.

Just that i’m looking for.
So good someone decided to do it

Actually your first topic “The Plan” would be perfect name for this guild.

I’m not too keen on the ‘on the nose’ names but you are welcome to sign up and have your say!

Still alot of leveling going on (we’re having 100-150 ppl online aroud 8-9pm). So feel free to join our Flamelash project :slight_smile: Always happy to get more people on board.

I wouldn’t bother joining flamelash, a lot of people have already quit, and it’s nearly impossible to find a group for anything now,.


We are starting a similar project on Noggenfogger EU (Classic).
Hit me up on disc if interested

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