Friday night Duels in Org!


Hi all,

I am organizing the Friday Night Duels in Orgrimmar! (Alliance you are welcome too:D)

11th October was our first event with a few people attending and the first winner ever is the crafty Rogue CALIOPE! He received a 14 slot bag for his first prize.
Congratulations on your win:D

18th October our second event over 10 people, and winner Kosara, the Ice Cold Mage:D Winning also a 14 slot bag!
Congratulations on your win:D

25th October our third event with a few more people: Winner Deliriums! 20 gold prize and Zorus as runner up with a 14 slot bag.
Congratulations guys:D

Hope to see more people next Friday for some fun and duels we start around 20.00 - 22.00 with some prizes not just for winners but also for epic duels and skills shown! The more people attend the more prizes will become available.

The meet up is on the server discord for Nethergarde Keep:

The events will be streamed as well here:

Kind regards,