Friendly Heal/Tank couple seeking new home

Hello fellow players,

I have unfortunately found myself in need of a new home due to a couple changes recently, new job and my current guild deciding to switch raid times. This has prompted me to find a home elsewhere, with my partner joining me.

We are ideally looking for a casual guild where there is no elitist attitudes or rage during raids. A place we can practice tanking and healing, this is due to us being in a dps role since early Legion which I admit that I was never good at.

Been actively playing since vanilla with a few breaks here and there. Mostly as a healer role but some tanking on the side for myself and my partner recently switching to dps but missing the healing role. We would prefer to remain Horde and continue with a 2 day raid schedule but are very much open to Alliance. Any times between 20:00 and 23:00 is ideal due to having 2 small kids.

We would like to gain AotC each tier with a possibility of moving into Mythic if it’s an option. A big part of our enjoyment is also venturing into Mythic+ to gain a nice weekly chest with clearing a +15 as our eventual target.

You can reach out to me if you have any questions. LFC#21212

Hi there contact me on discord.
We are on twisting nether and ure raid times are 19:30 to 22:30
atm we are 4/12 mythic and a verry nice group.


Had a few battlenet conversations so far, still nothing decided as of yet. I am even willing to go to Alliance if it increases my chances of finding a future home.

Hey Kitkat,

Mischief is a returning guild, who might fit your bill. I am replying because you said you would be willing to go Alliance.
We’ve had a bit of a break during BfA, but looking to go straight back into everything in Shadowlands when we have a team filled out.

Read my recruitment post here

Thanks for your consideration! :smiley:

Very much appreciate the reply Feram, will have a read through the recruitment post shortly.

I do need to express my interest in learning to tank again, with the option of perhaps a Mage as a 2nd choice for SL. So patience is needed if I am to get back into the tanking mindset.

Good thing to mention Kitkat. Not sure personally how set my guild is on tanks at the very moment (recruiting and getting in new people and all) but I do know that there’d be people who would help you with that and we’re very alt friendly as well.

I know switching to Alliance might be a big step, so take your time to think it over, and feel free to add me so we can chat if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up and offer, much appreciated. I am 50/50 going Tank or Healer in SL, likely druid with a possibility of Paladin depending on guild needs.

Hello everyone who reads this.

Just wanted to put on my two cents in.

This Kitkat is very friendly and social so you will definetly not regret recruitning this guy!

I really hope that you find what you’re looking for <3.

Bulked up the opening post in Iight of recent changes. We now come as a package deal.

Perhaps you can consider us for your new future home! I myself have 2 kids and know the struggles of trying to balance everything out. We hope to hear from you!


We very appreciate the response but we cannot go past 23:00st, it’s just not possible right now. We prefer to remain in the times listed so that we can stay the full duration of a raid.

Hey, if you’re still looking for a raiding guild in shadowlands

Hello there, how are you?

We have similar situation in our guild. Please have a look on our post and lets have a small discord chat.

Where you from mate?

Hey mate. It’s pretty obvious you’re a perfect match for All Desire, the best looking guild EU. We’re in CoA a mid-low pop server. Exceedingly active even this late in the patch and frankly too much fun.

We raid twice a week Mythic, and have 3/4 more events every week, week on week. Yep, we have a lot of fun.

Give us a shout, roll an alt if you want to see what we’ve got, and we might just get you hooked on our take on WoW.

We haz the obligatory recruit thread too