Friendly Nelf Hunter looking for RP Guild Home

Hello and merry meet!

I have recently rejoined WoW after a several-year hiatus and would love to dig into some quality RP with some fantastic people!

My experience with RP comes from Vanilla, as well as some intermittent dabbles during WOTLK and Pandaria. Other than that, I’ve RP’d in non-WoW forums elsewhere so I know my way around (albeit I will likely be a bit rusty so bear with me).

What I’d like: any type of group is fine, I’m not sure I’d be quite ready for a military guild as I’m not confident I’d be organised enough, but anything else such as an adventuring or general RP group would be ace! I do have a backstory for my main if people would like to check it beforehand, but please do get in touch if you have spaces!

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to meeting you all IC and OOC!

Love, Kovandras Stormclaw

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Welcome back to Argent Dawn, Kilandras!

Dirge of Teldrassil is recruiting all able-bodied and volunteering kaldorei and Gilneans to the cause of avenging the now-burnt Teldrassil by slaughtering the Horde and I’m sure we’d be glad to have you along with us. :slight_smile:

Not really a military guild, as it’s not an official unit and more of a partisan organization operating outside the Alliance. We can usually be found in Ashenvale. If you’re interested, poke me or Falathim in-game whenever we’re online!


Hi Crowton,

Thank you so much for the quick reply! Fantastic to see so many passionate groups out there still fighting the good fight for our home!

I just had a quick question about the kind of events you have/intend to hold, or what kind of general gatherings you have? Is it just kind of as and when people are online, or are there scheduled gatherings/skirmishes? Thanks in advance!

As for backstory, I read through the post regarding the guild (mega coo!), my character’s backstory has her losing her family’s nightsaber ranch in the flames, and the majority of her family, so I feel that would fit in quite nicely as she’s out for revenge against the banshee. Is that the kind of thing you guys would be looking for/accept?


We try to have RP on a daily basis and actively work with a number of other awesome guilds for RP-PvP content and beyond. Usually around three events per week and social RP in-between. As much as I wish things happened on their own, most stuff is scheduled / planned but we have some odd random confrontations from time to time.

Yeah, absolutely! The Dirge’s entire focus is on being out for revenge for Sylvanas but also the rest of the Horde, since it wasn’t the Banshee Queen who slew kaldorei on the frontlines during the War of the Thorns. So long as you have a personal stake / reason for fighting (as well as nice OOC), we’ll welcome you with open arms.


I have also just come back from a RP hiatus and the Dirge were very welcoming and patient with me.
Your backstory sounds perfect for this type of guild, a few of the members had no combat experience prior to joining and have only just now taken up arms seeking vengeance!


My mortal enemy…

Really though, can’t recommend Dirge enough. The Highblood had some RP-PvP with them a month or two ago in Stonetalon and it was genuinely very fun and enjoyable… so for me?

It’s the Dirge


That’s great, exactly the kind of thing I’d need to really get stuck in, thank you for sharing your experience, it helps! I really look forward to the epic drama that’ll of course ensue from the rage of the Night Elves, and of course the Worgen!

That sounds perfect, exactly what I’m looking for! I will have to figure out how to get myself an invite haha, I’m a bit hopeless with catching people online so you guys might end up with some snail mail from me!

My main is currently in mourning, but is getting ready to fight back so would love to develop that with others going through the same! And I definitely try to be as nice as possible! Really looking forward to this!


Hey, the night elf community is currently growing a little, so I’d recommend throwing a look at this thread. It has the active guilds listed and direct links to their threads. Also some bfa lore specifically related to night elves that might help you out as you are returning / starting out.

Edit: Also recommend checking out Astranaar in Ashenvale. It’s the most active night elf RP hub at the moment.


Haha that’s amazing, thank you for the feedback, seems like I’ve found a good one for sure!

Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely need a refresher so I don’t break immersion for anyone, although I’m sure there will be some bumbles here and there as I get back into the swing of it.


Hey there, welcome back!

If your looking for some fun Sisterhood RP, come check out the Handmaidens of Elune! We do our fair share of Faith roleplay alongside some action and adventure. Give us a poke sometimes if your interested!

I can also recommend our good friends the Nightblade Sentinels if you do fancy some more military adventure stuff. They are a great bunch and I love em!


Thank you very much for the suggestions, all of these sound so cool!

Military but a lovely bunch!

Good luck finding a guild suitable for you and your character :heart:


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