Friendly players seek new home (Any role & healer)

Good day to all,

I’m actively seeking a home for season 2 as any role, currently in a guild where my GF raids but the end times are a little late for me so I don’t have much progress this season sadly. I was pondering on creating something myself but the interest from others was lacking. The GF is now open to joining me but this means a package deal and she will only play as healer. She is working through early Mythic vaults.

I aim to run all content and hope for at least AotC but willing to push into Mythic if the opportunity is there. I can play most classes but would need a little time to gain gear ready for season 2.

Can raid from 19:00-22:30st only, I won’t apply to guilds who raid past this time as I wish to be 100% attendance to avoid falling behind. Any day of the week is fine and I will eventually play as Alliance once the cross faction guilds open up.

Been here since vanilla and built up a lot of experience but right now I just want a friendly home where I can integrate and make new friends, somewhere inclusive that doesn’t push new players away from cliques.

Please add me for more information or a chat. LisburnAsh82 #2425

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Hello there,
I’m currently recruiting for my guild and we want to constantly clear Hc each season and start progression within Mythic. Hit me up and we will see if the raid times we have might be fitting to you!

Hey, i think we would be a good fit for you!

This could actually work for me, maybe add me for a chat so i have an idea of what you could use class/role wise.

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Just a little information to add.

Currently chatting to a guild but now my better half is looking to join me so its now a package deal. I can play whatever role and she will focus as healer, right now she is progressing through mythic vaults.

Must be spots for both of us.

Hi Adp
We are a normal/heroic guild looking for more peeps atm, we mainly need dps but we can accommodate your partner :slight_smile: we are in the process of rebuilding the team with 2/3 slots to finish.

Raiding Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20:00 server for 2hrs per session, nothing to sour on the eyes :smiley: good bunch of people, we welcome new and experienced players

Add me on Discord @ Razorstorm#7563 if interested, can have a chat!

Best regards

We are recruiting and could take both of you.
However it would mean switching servers which might be something that you dont want to do.

Take a look at our profile:-

[LFM] [EU] [H] [draenor] [M+] [Raid] Relaxed social Guild recruiting - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (

If it appeals and you can switch servers join the discord and we will take it from there:-

Just a friendly update, we are in talks with 2 guilds currenrly. Already tested 1 as cross realm normal vaults last night, still open to options though.

To clarify, we want AotC but would be happy to try early mythic bosses too.