Frost Death Knight changes need

  • Cleaving Strikes
    Obliterate now strikes 2 additional targets whilst in Death & Decay or whilst Remorseless Winter is active

  • Deathchill (pvp talent) redesigned
    Remorseless Winter now applies Deathchill to all targets within 8 yards of the Death Knight. Deathchill reduces all healing received by 5% for 10 seconds. stacking up 5 time. If Deathchill is dispelled, the dispeller loses 2% of their maximum health per stack and is stunned for 1 second.

  • Bloodforge armor buffed
    Death Strike now restores 25% maximum health and reduces all damage taken by 25% for 6 second but now has a 30 second cool-down.


D&D has no place in the frost toolkit. They need to either attach it to Remorseless Winter as you said, and/or finally buff Frostscythe so it can actually be a useful and relevant talent. Imagine having one of the most good looking abilities in the game and it being completely useless…


Only on DK, the D4 barb of WoW

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D&D should only be used to keep people in combat around pillars as frost. Remorseless Winter MS effect is really nice but it should not be dispellable. It has to be an aoe ms effect like DH’s blade dance as well.

Yes, no, maybe.

If you give remorseless winter a MS effect, it opens up to the gameplay of trying to keep it up as long as possible during combat. This would make it so you either choose to have a AoE stun, or a MS Effect.

Suddenly you have the damage from RW and it’s MS effect, making the better choice of defensive to use being mobility CD’s to get away, as it should be when DK’s are all about being that slow juggernaut.

It can be dispellable, but since you do damage so often, the effect would be up again shortly. Probably better to make it 2/4 stacks of 12.5%/6.25% healing reduction or something in that style.

You dispell it as a healer? it will be up quickly again and you used up a global.

So true. D&D is a waste to even cast at times, especially in PvP.


everyone even, non frost dk players say that dnd should not belong to frost rotation


They def should get rid of death and decay for frost.

They should also make frostscythe cost 2 runes and do significantly more damage.

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Bring down the damage of oblit inside pillar, raise the base damage outside pillar,
Bake cleave into remorseless, give frost strike more equal damage, give frost strike cleave inside of remorseless.
make glacial advance into a proc from froststrike or just a base effect from frost strike.
remove DnD entirely from the frost tree…
and wraithwalk on the same row as deaths advance.
do this and well il be happy.
also remove intoxreble and just make it a baseline. and make it so that you can play dual wield oblit viable.


thats far to many good and easy things my guy, therefor hard to implement :wink:

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