Frost death knight needs a mortal strike effect

Frost death realy needs a a heal reduction effect on target . Frost dk damage is easy heald up . Dh monk fury rogue all have healing reductions and do more damage then a frost dk . Now we are like hit with cds run like little girl


I agree. Even 30% will be helpful.

good idea tbh

Is there a melee that does not have one but frost?

Retri pal?:>

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Enhancement Shamans ?

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At this point I’m not sure why not give all classes the MS effect? There are so many classes with MS effect by now, that playing with the one without it just feels bad and honestly is instantly a -1 tier. Just give MS effect to everyone and apply it to the class fantasy.

For an Example :slight_smile:
Frost DK
-Frozen wounds : KM Obliterate hits freeze the wounds on your target reducing healing recieved by 5%/hit ( stacks up to 30%, 20sec debuff, the timer doesn’t refresh on hit)


This is a great idea, will prob help the spec a lot in 3v3 too (not solo shuff mind you).

Another way to do it is to use the “Rot and Wither” PvP talent to be the healing reduction.

Right now it is a waste of a PvP talent in all scenarios (Tested it out, and during the best possible circumstances it did 8k absorb in total)

What if it made it so a certain percent of the damage you deal within a D&D becomes heal absorb? It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it would drastically change things and make it a much more viable choice. Especially if you’re doing a blender cleave as frost with Cleaving Strikes.

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