Frost DK 10.0.7 PTR

The new update to Frost DK sounds really promising. A much needed change for 2H Frost DKs, which could help diminish the feeling of talent starvation and lack of choice.

Doubt Soul Reaper will ever see any play in its current form though, way too unreliable and Frost DKs already have too many GCDs they are forced to use during their burst - in PvP at least. The other changes look great though and nice to see, that we’re not being neglected as much anymore. Still some issues with Blizzard not being able to differentiate between Unholy and Frost in PvP, when it comes to defensives, but that’s for another day.

Here is this week’s update to the 10.0.7 PTR:

    • Frost
      • Remorseless Winter has been removed from the talent tree and now learned at level 19.
      • Might of the Frozen Wastes has been removed from the talent tree and now learned at level 25.
      • Frostreaper has been removed from the talent tree and now learned at level 28.
      • New Talent: Fatal Fixation – Killing Machine can stack up to 1 additional time. Replaces Frostreaper on the talent tree.
      • Biting Cold has moved to Remorseless Winter’s old position in the Frost specialization tree.
      • Everfrost has moved to Biting Cold’s old position in the Frost specialization tree.
      • Obliteration now causes Soul Reaper to also grant Killing Machine and have a chance to generate a Rune during Pillar of Frost

A bit of a shame that you will be forced to pick Biting Cold now, as uninvested Remorseless Winter is really underwhelming, especially in PvP. Just checked and Remorseless Winter did 0,6% of my damage in my last Solo Shuffle and that’s even without Dead of Winter.


Frost needs Mortal wound effect .

its not hard Blizzard. implement a MS effect into obliterate

they are so fixated on making it slow and clunky, but dont give us the tools needed to be usefull as a solo PvPer


A few things to add though.

1: advance should work with icecap, just balance it so you can only proc it once, or it procs only if the main target hit by advance was critical

2: advance should work with shattered blade.

3: frostwhelp cleave. Not a big narrow line

And then it’s pretty much perfect.

Agree , MS effect for frost , will make it more playible in pvp

In general Dks pvp tallents need rework

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PvP Frost needs survivability and disarm protection during PoF. I’d like those prioritised over MS effect as we can always get MS in team compositions.

Fix Bonegrinder please!
Bonegrinder does not always get a stack when a Killing Machine proc is consumed!

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Disarm is really brutal vs Frost DK indeed. It completely destroys your PoF, which is all your damage. I usually hold trinket for disarm when I’m facing rogues, warriors, monks and so on, and never use it on anything else

Bonegrinder is such a weird and clunky talent tbh. By the time you have 5 stacks and gain the effect of 20% bonus frost damage, your burst is basically over, as your drake, chill streak and PoF is on cooldown and all you have left is to spam Frost Strike. 9/10 times I feel like I gain little to no benefit from Bonegrinder. It is also near impossible to stack it up beforehand, at least in PvP, and makes no sense to do so - not in opener at least. If you’re lucky your 2nd go can benefit from Bonegrinder a bit, maybe like in your last 3 s of your PoF :clown_face:

The Bonegrinder stacks also last such a short time and they often run out before I gain a new Killing Machine proc

All of this is true, but Bonegrinder could have been a good PvE talent if it was not bugged…

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Yeah, for sure. Didn’t know about the bug but that is indeed pretty yikes, no wonder it never seems to reach 5 stacks then D:

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Although these improvements seem like a step on the right direction, I’m still of the opinion that frost dk should have paladin style rework. Revamp the spec, give it a different core gameplay, this whole proc based approach is so unrewarding.

Last time I mained frost was in Legion, simply because of the artifact weapons’ style. BoS is just too flimsy, you can align things perfectly then one things goes wrong and you loose your burst. I’m thinking they should either get rid of completely, or make it baseline, and then have capstone talents and others modify how it plays (making it more of a single target, or aoe, changing ressource consumption, durations, damage etc

Are these changes still happening? I was just reading the patch notes on wowhead and there is no mention of frost dk changes.

I looked into the latest blue tracker, frost and uh notes still in there atm!

All those will change nothing. Frost suffers from playstyle perspective. Both Obli playstyle and BOS style are flawed and need general overhaul. Right now frost can do some serious dps but the implementation is the issue not the numbers. A spec hostage behind Pillars and DnD screams outdated and flawed.
Same for unholy a spec bloated with Cd’s buffs and debuffs which you have to be a octopus and flash gordon together to maintain them all the time .
And then a rogue comes with 3 buttons and deletes you !

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