Frost dk has too much RNG in there core abilitie

Frost dk can be the best melee in game . If blizzard removes the RNG of the frost dk abilities . You just press the abilltie it does the full mechanic . No more it has a chance to proc . Rime has RNG , killing machine has Rng, rune mastery has Rng . Ice cap has Rng, avalanche is Rng . Frost strike has a 20 % chance to proc killing machine , even obiliration has Rng 30 % chance to gain a rune !!!. Easy fix for frost dk remove the RNG then its a good melee spec

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I feel more like if they removed gcds it would be better. Like removing remorseless winter, abomination limb and dnd from gcd would improve the class better.

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I agree, the RNG isn’t that bad. We just need the flow of the spec to be improved. Add to that list that Horn of Winter need to be off GCD too.


That would be super nice. I hope they see these posts.

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