Frost dk, i feel like i am not doing enough aoe

It feels to me that frost dk needs to blow all of it’s cds in order to do respectable aoe.

Especially with obliteration, i need abomination limb, pillar of frost, remorsless etc… In order to get in the range of what i would consider good aoe.

This isn’t the case for basically most of the other specs i tried.

Enhancement doesn’t have this problem, havoc doesn’t, outlaw doesn’t, but outlaw it’s more because you’re almost always in your cds, ret pally doesn’t have this problem, i don’t need to blow crusade, final reckoning etc in order to do decently enough in aoe. And many other specs.

If i don’t use my cds on frost dk instead, i’m basically doing 20k dps, which is really bad.

I think a way to solve this problem would be to make glacial advance work like it did with the tier set. In shadowland’s last patch i never had this feeling of doing low aoe, and it was because of glacial advance.

Right now everything is dependent on remorsless winter for aoe, but even that won’t save you if you don’t have cds.

Does anyone else feel like this?

On a different, but somewhat related subject, i also don’t think the sims for frost dk are correct, they make it seem like frost should do great, but i just don’t see it, when i actually use the spec. And i know for certain that my rotation is correct.

I’ve not played frost since leveling up to 70. When I get hold of a decent weapon I’ll perhaps try oblit, or when I get a decent 1h I’ve looted some random 385 one to test BoS out.

Have you played breath build? Have you tried unholy? My group by no means does MDI pulls but I can do 200k dps on packs.

Edit: currently swapping realms, my ilvl is like 389 with a m0 weapon and 2 pc tier. So not mad gear

I don’t like the breath build a lot, it’s just annoying to deal with, and i just never liked it. And no i have not tried unholy at the moment.

By the way, don’t bother with 2h for frost, one handed is better for both obliteration and bos.

Literally just wanted to test it, don’t intend on blasting it. Need both a 1h and 2h anyway at a decent item lvl. Like I said stuck at m0, weapons will not drop!

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