Frost DK in PvP

Why is frost dk being completely neglected ?

It’s been one of the lowest played spec’s since s2.

I’m glad unholy dk has been receiving attention and changes but frost dk is in an even worse position that unholy in terms of pvp.

It has 0 sustain dmg. Only able to do dmg every 1 minute for like 12seconds… and even then the 1min damage isn’t that great. Moreover, that 1min go is easily counterable with a 45cd disarm.

Frost DK is literally unviable in pvp if you’re not playing TWD and even in TWD, frost dk isn’t that good. It just has an aoe blind that helps the monk in the team carry them.

Been keeping an eye on the dragonflight updates and it’s just sad to see that it looks like frost dk will continue to be an extremely weak spec in pvp in DF.


The only saving grace we have right now is the Talent Bonegrinder, which can easily become a very good snowball talent to give frost that little extra edge between PoF CD’s if you’re 2h Frost.

Right now the problem is how easy it is to counter our damage as Frost DK’s, and some of the nerfs from BFA still active to this day.


not a good idea

i pity that dks cant stand alon class in 2s. frost that chill streak compo that is not woking, so bad desing and every go disarm stun, no heal reduse, bad tier set,legos. unholy from the other hand after lipm nerf. hard time to kill on cds. every 2 mins. also im disapoinded not at least give something. outlaw exaple more damage more cc more survival more more more.

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DK is like DH with only 2 specs. Blood and Unholy.

Frost has been abandoned for a long time and is an afterthought they don’t want people to play.

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Currently playing Wotlk classic and i realise how much we’ve lost as DK’s, and even more as Frost DK’s:

  • Unbreakable Armor (Old PoF) giving 25% increased armor.
  • IBF lasting 12 sec (18 talented), but couldn’t be used to break a stun
  • Strangulate being standard with 2 min CD

Not even that well geared in PvP, i feel like a juggernaut. Slow as hell, but defensive and hits like a truck. Killed full brutal geared melee when i had the brutal weapon, because they stayed in melee range when i had everything popped.

That is how we’re supposed to feel. The slow, unstoppable cold that consumes you if you try to endure it. If you make the mistake and think you can zugzug through it, you need to feel it.


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