Frost DK need some real love?

I think a good change would be…

Remorseless Winter removed from GCD and damage increased by 100%

Obliteration redesign:
(Passive) Obliterate causes your Frost Strike deal 25% increase damage and grant Killing Machine. stacking 2 times. Frost Strike consumes up to 2 Stacks.

New PVP Talent Remorseless armour
All Melee attacks reflect 35% of the damage taken by the Death Knight as Frost Damage back to the target whilst Remorseless Winter is active.

i prefer oblit crits disorient target for 1 second

2h %x oblit damage increase /dw %x frost damage increase

remorseless winter gives damage reduction and x% more frost damage taken per second target inside and oblit hits one more target if target inside remorseless winter instead of DnD

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