Frost dk only specc besides tanks that's not 2,4 in solo yet

Why blizz always hate on frost dks in pvp?

I checked leaderboards for every specc and it’s confirmed frost dk is worste specc ingame in solo atm, besides tanks.


because casters cried a lot and they overnerfed dk’s to oblivion

they nerfed spellwarden
nerfed amz ams
nerfed death strike etc

now dk 's are first target for easy kill. especially frost dks

and easiest countered spec in game. just disarm when frost dk uses pillar. and just ignore it :smiley: or kill it because there is no healing

Caster nerfs does not mean frost dk is the only specc not above 2400 in solo yet.

I checked leaderboards there is zero dps or healers that’s not 2400 yet besides frost dk and tank.

It’s blizzard, they need to buff us.

I dont even want to try frost this season after pillar nerf and crit nerf.
Frost is not functional at all

i believe frost still can do good damage via pillar window even after nerfs. but problem is defensives for me

What i dont realy get is the buff to glacial advane [22% played talent] and frostscythe [1.2% played]

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