Frost DK Pve / Set bonus

My set bonus is not even being used, Frostscythe does’nt fit into Breath of sindragosa build or any other build, it ruins rotation and damage output.
No damage compared to meta classes.
No dps if you have to leave combat for 2 seconds due to mechanics.
No one wants you due to bad class reputation.
Extremely difficult to maintain Breath duration.
No damage without breath.
No damage if you dont have a premade Chainpuller tankChad…
I dont want to switch class. just make us great again blizz

  • i know how to play dk…
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Tierset is designed for single target pvp.
Don’t like it, don’t play it.

why is it a pve set tier bonus then? farmed in a pve raid. Frostscythe is an AOE Spell, which is bad in pvp against 2 targets. you couldnt be more wrong mate :slight_smile: and i can’t see myself play another class tbh

You are clueless my friend!
Tierset affects oblit aswell as scythe, just because you play frostscythe doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to play.

No, that makes no sence. If other classes benefits entirely from their set bonus and Frost DK Pve players only benefits 50% of their set bonus, while other classes already are overtuned compared to frost, its only a way bigger setback. its pure logic.
Btw i dont play frostscythe and that is the problem.

Your fault for playing npc killing simulator in an online game.

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Due to the fact your tier sets built on consuming procs. You dont only get 50%. You can only cast Obliterate OR frostscythe during a proc to proc the tier set.

Which means theres no use in using both in any situation.

Its just there as a ST or AOE option, but as you dont run frostscythe at all ud just consume every proc with obliterate.

You aint gotta, just play unholy in m+ i think frost is pretty good in raids so np there

i dindt mean it in that sort of way. Instead of giving us a spell that overlaps the other, then make the bonus give another buff. sorry for the misunderstanding

some spergs saying that having undertuned specs is okay for WoW, all you have to do is not play them. You should definitely listen to them and not be mad at blizzard for leaving those spec in awful state.
You’re doing good, son!

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Ye those are the worst. Honestly if they are ok with their spec being crap, why they are even posting on forums…

I think this is about the fact that the set only improves st damage right? Because no one uses frostscythe.

Honestly if glacial advance worked like it did with the shadowland tier set, this would be good.

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Indeed, it synced really well with most builds for Frost overall, gave good AoE and single target damage.

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Yea, i honestly don;t know why they didn’t just make glacial advance work like that in dragon.

It makes much more sense, it’s strong for both st and aoe, and helps out obliteration in the aoe department, which is lacking.

It also helped bring closer bos and obliteration in both aoe and st at the same time, because even though this is strong for breath, it’s better for obliteration which needs a little help.

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Exactly, as well as to give another source of Razorice, which would give DW a option to not have Rune of Razorice on their offhand.


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