Frost DK PvP changes (with some abilty reworkes)

These are just some ideas I gathered that should make Frost DK viable and more fun to play in a PvP environment.

-Shattering Blade deals 125% dmg and applies a MS effect or deals 25% additional dmg when targets health is under 35% (one of the two only) or KM proc applies a MS effect instead of Shattering Blade

-Might of the Frozen Wastes should be baseline. Talent tree replacement: deal 15% more Oblitirate dmg on targets below 30% health

-Pillar of Frost should be baseline. Talent tree replacement: either 2 charges of Pillar of Frost with higher CD or Disarm immunity (but it should give 5-10% less strengh to make it a bit fair) It is extremely frustrating when our burst gets shut down so easily with just one ability

-Glacial Advance rework: Roots everyone in a cone or semicircle in front of you for 3-5 sec and apllies razorice on every target hit (10-20 sec CD) dmg does not break the root (like priest root) it fits the FROST theme and the ability finally has some use

-Breath of Sindragosa should be removed or reworked. Reworked version: you now “channel cast” or “charge” it like evokers do with some of their abilities. It has a 20-40 sec cooldown dealing dmg in a cone or semicircle and all enemies hit
are slowed for 50% for 6 sec. You spend RP (50 RP at most) and the longer you charge it the more dmg it deals.

-Frostreaper should be baseline

-Icebreaker should deal 80% dmg instead of 60%. We need more sustain dmg outside of Pillar of Frost. We are basically useless outside of our CDs.

-More active healing (DS nerfs reverted for Frost only)

-Rework Permafrost or replace it with something usefull

-KM proc can stack 2 times (not necessary imo)

-Inexorable Assault should be a guaranteed crit with KM proc. Instead of charges we should get one charge when we use a rime proc, use Frost Strike or Soulreaper (1stack at a time)

-Unleashed Frenzy stack fall off after 7-8 sec (not a necessary change)

-Cold Heart boring to use. Rework or replace it.

-Horn of Winter shoud not be on the GCD and maybe buffs group members (5% haste or mastery buff maybe?)

-Bonegrinder should require at most 3 stacks or make rime proc apply stacks as well. Also its extremely buggy! Sometimes you don´t get a stack at all making it impossibble to proc

-Remove Spellwarden (PvP Talent) (extremely toxic for the game as a whole)

-Remove Shroud of Winter (PvP Talent) or rework the spell (has literally zero use)

-Soulreaper should deal instant dmg when under 10-15% health (like an execute) and proc KM during Oblitiration

Currently it`s extremely frutrating to play Frost DK in PvP and I want to give the devs an idea what they could change to make the Frost DK expirience a bit better. Maybe some changes I listed are liked by the PvE community as well.

I would like to hear what you guys think about everthing I have listed above. Maybe you want to add some changes or maybe not even change some abilities at all.

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