Frost is really in a bad spot

No matter the plays, with the increased stamina from the trinket I can’t kill anyone now in my burst rotation ( if i get as lucky to not get disarmed)…

I mean im all for a Frost rework now…


Well it’s arms in every shuffle atm means u get disarmed, enjoy.

Add to that Fury still has healing thats 10 times better then our DS…like wtf, why is it still there?

In my opinion it doesn’t need major rework, just things it improve the flow of the spec

  • A PvP talent that stops us from being disarmed during PoF
  • MotFW increasing Frost Strike damage and chance to apply Razorice on auto attacks
  • Rime + KM having 2 stacks as they often overlap.
  • Soul Reaper becoming a DoT that you apply below 35% that costs Runic Power instead.
  • BoS having it’s damage nerf reverted/changed in PvP


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