Frost is weak in dragonflight

It just doesn’t really work, there’s no ranged option, the aoe is clunky and hard to pull off compared to other classes, obliterate works only off procs of killing machine as they give it it’s real damage, but you have no guarantee, you can sit there 10 seconds without one proc. Glacial spikes, your best aoe option costs a bit too much runic power. Your only strength is the 2 target cleave with death and decay and obliterate. Meanwhile Unholy DK covers all these weaknesses and is also much easier to play.

I think frost worked better when you didn’t have to spontaneously switch from single target to AOE, in this xpack many dungeons require spontaneous AOE, which is a weakness to a spec that is 100 % reliant on cooldowns. No icy veins means no damage.

Use frostscythe , want is this non sense post
Do you even understand how the spec works?

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yep completely true, frost feels way underpowered compared to other melee. having to press 4 globals before you can even start doing dmg just takes too long, in the meanwhile dh or monk is already pumping 80k dps. and if the tank moves out of your death and decay or you have to move and lose remorseless winter say goodbye to the little dmg you had.

Frostschythe is not a dps gain versus what I do. It’s a dps loss.

Its true. Frost should be Bursty. We already have a Specc with massive Rampuptime in Unholy.

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