Frost Mage LF Arena Team

Hi, I’m 35 years old from London UK and have Played wow on and off since release but have never really played any PVP …

I purchased dragon flight and started playing pvp 3 weeks ago and loving it! Current combat rating is 1206, I’m slowly getting the hang of things and seem to be getting better.

Looking for an arena team to play 2’s and 3’s. I’m on pretty much every day for a couple of hours at least.

Just looking for like minded chilled players who want to practice and don’t ragequit after every loss or death. Just looking to improve and enjoy the game win or lose and form a team/friendship to hopefully get some high ratings with.

Hit me up and I’ll add you for some games :slight_smile:

Hey, fellow Brit here.

Feel free to add me: JoshHagen#2256

Hello, Casual gamer here from UK and 39.
I work shifts 4x4 but active when I’m home most evenings. I have Paladin and Priest healer
Add me if you like tombob84#2944