Frostfire belt vs crafted legs

Me and a friend have been discussing this… belt + ring is usually about 2 mill dmg for me over a dungeon (talking m+ here). The crafted legs with the mini lust attached sound really interesting! I myself have made the belt a while ago, and use the fire damage ring however I’m in possession of a sp0rk and coils craft the legs instead of my ring.

What are your thoughts on this?

If I had unlimited sparks I’d run neck and legs for M+

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Crafted them earlier, tested briefly and they are really cool to play with! 100% get these!

Are they worth over Unstable Frostfire Belt in m+?

I haven’t had chance to use them properly yet, busy with work. I briefly used them and they seemed really good though, I imagine they will net more dmg than frostfire belt + ring

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