FrostFox is Recruiting!

Guild: FrostFox

Server: The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning’s

Faction: Horde

Raid Days/Times: Wednesday & Thursday 19:00pm - 22.00 realm time

Current Progress: 3/10 HC 10/10 Normal


We are currently looking for more players to build a Heroic raiding roster, specifically

Warlock: Destro/affliction.

Shamans: Resto

Hunter: MM

Deathknight: unholy

Warrior: Fury

Druid: Balance

Demonhunter: Vengeance

We also make exceptions to outstanding players with experience and or a strong motivation.


  • High attendance

  • Good performance & attitude

  • Knowledge of your class and spec

  • Working mic & ability to talk

  • Be organised & prepared - researched relevant fights, have consumables ready, be up-to-date on power progression and gearing opportunities outside of raids

About FrostFox

FrostFox was founded in the start of shadowlands on the bases of having fun while clearing content efficiently. We have experience with raiding since WoD. Our goal is to achieve Curve and move on to mythic. We have a very small community that takes care of each other and got each other’s backs. We only raid 2 days a week to correspond with peoples busy irl schedules. We are a mature group and we are extremely motivated to take down every tier. We respect each other’s commitment and time investment and therefore are very strict when it comes to raid attendance and performance.

How to apply

Please contact us by Discord or in-game:

Heyitspg (GM) - Discord: Heyitspg#4768 / Bnet: HeyitsPg#2953

Jingo (Recruitment Officer) - Discord: Jingo#7050 / Bnet: Jingo#21698

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