Frostmane gone from serverlist? (EU)


I know there has been maintenance of several servers. Frostmane was one of them going down yesterday. It said the servers was gonna be down between 21:00-05:00 CEST thursday.

So I logged on this morning and the servers are still down? AND the server is gone from the serverlist??? Anyone know anything why it’s down, will it come back up or wtf is this?..

Don’t know either but my characters are gone :confused:

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It’s there, between Executus and Frostwhisper. Sort by name and you’ll see it.


Oh! It’s there! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yeah, weirdly after the merge the number of characters isn’t visible anymore, so if you’re sorting the list by character number, you’ll have to scroll down until you find it.
Tripped me up too for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

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