Frostwhisper vanilla/lvl 60 players

(Zamaka) #41
Nostalgia game, how fun! :)

Zamaka - Human Rogue

Foolishly moved away and then quit...return looks likely :D

(Quale) #42
04/07/2015 21:52Posted by Meekzi
Meekzor/Whatevah from Solid/Infinity. just got back :)

Quale / Tauren hunter (Thule,almost skilled,eclipse(ally))
Petchu / pala
omw to kill you ! Migration soon complete !

(Thirme) #43
Dodraugen. You were in kiss army and later on Thule am i rite?

(Necroticz) #44
Nice thread, loads of familiar names here, both horde and alliance:)

Was known as Asmodai tauren warrior bk in vanilla :)

Do not play on FW anymore tho, got an alt ther i think:p

Vanilla was definitely the best time i had in wow in my career ;)

(Gibari) #46
oooh the old pvp system RIP

(Xethys) #47
/Nephthys warlock from Inqusition, Sethys- paladin in Almost Skilled .

I am considering coming back to frostwhisper myself :) As many other people who posted here, the best fun I have ever had was playing here in Vanilla.

(Xavalis) #48

Zeratol here.. from kåres kongereker / thule days =)

(Dinjooh) #49
Wow old style!

(Tamar) #50
Its been so many years, and some names still ring a bell when i see them. I got another mage now, but played this one in vanilla, did pvp and raided in Faith and Infinity. Anyone from those days still around?

(Anapion) #51
Recently returned after 5 years of absence and it's nice to see a few familiar names. Wish there were more though.

Most fun i ever had in this game was vanilla pvp and grinding WG and AB with Skullcrusher, Azeal and the likes...

(Ghostrebel) #52
Guffy - Undead priest in the guild Inquisition
Azeron - Undead rogue in the guild Inquisition

Haven`t played on Frostwhisper in years tho

(Zylopfa) #53
King Zylopfa here,
although i was skinnier back in the times, I gained some weight and got
painted green to match the Zylopfian Battlestandard.


Dinjooh greetings to you, good fights in Zylos Hand!

Anyone remember that Sukan guy, think he was from Solid?
He still owe His Highness that duel!!!!

Hail And K!LL
King Zylopfa The Omnipotent

(Nobkor) #54

(Fashionkilla) #55
I cant count how many times i owned Zylopfa on elemental plateu.

Yoyo Mage

(Hjarta) #56
26/10/2015 22:29Posted by Dinjooh
Wow old style!

Jesus. You still play! It's terrifying to see that I remember every single one on this forum page except one, even though we haven't played together for 9-10 years.

04/07/2015 21:52Posted by Meekzi
Meekzor/Whatevah from Solid/Infinity. just got back :)

...also known as the Night Elf hunter standing on the AH bridge in Ironforge with full t1. Lovely days :-)

- Plastikk

(Zylopfa) #57
10/01/2016 17:17Posted by Fashionkilla
I cant count how many times i owned Zylopfa on elemental plateu.

A couple of fun screenshots where a GM shows himself at The Zylopfian Plateau:

The graphics are screwed cause i took the pic with a desktop screen shot thing
in linux, and it didn't agree with the open gl graphics in wow :(.

Another one here where i got ressed by the same GM near Golden Shire
This is more clear as its take with the in-game screenshot function

Hail And K!LL
King Zylopfa The Omnipotent

(Boomraven) #58
Whiteraven here, still playing. Any guilds still survived till now from vanilla?

(Aivac) #59
So much nostalgia here :)

(Ayyn) #60
Played a NE warrior in vanilla named Damador, started in Carpe diem and then moved to Tempestas.

Rerolled horde in TBC and joined up with Thule and played the same paladin as i am playing today.

(Lummene) #61
I used to play night elf priest Bansq in Xstream :) those days <3 also had a human warlock Elegia and human mage Lummene back in vanilla times.