Frostwhisper vanilla/lvl 60 players

INFO: The point of this threat is nothing but remembering the good ole' days and nostalgia.

I wanted to see if there are anybody from the level 60/vanilla era still playing.

I was mostly a member of Xstream, with Sheen being the GM. I also did some raiding with the guild Threat in my final days. The GM, who was a rogue also named Threat, took one of the Thunderfury bindings since both our MT and OT were new. Great times!

-Plastikk, NE female rogue.

I figured I could make a list of old guilds to help your minds if you've forgotten. Lemme know if I've missed any.

  • Decerto A
  • Eclipse A (still active, ECIIPSE.)
  • Solid A
  • Xstream A
  • Order of Azeroth A (GM: Freja, disbanded)
  • D I N G (H) (still active, afaik)
  • Fallen Heroes A
  • Faith A
  • Thule H
  • alea iacta est A
  • Zylos Hand H (still active on Defias Brotherhood H)
  • Infinity H
  • Threat A
  • Carpe Diem A
  • A O A (H)
  • bruce lee H
  • Leaf/Life A
  • Inquistion H
  • Almost Skilled H
  • kåres kongereker H

  • Edit 2016: It's great to see how many players that are still active!
    Xavierstorm / Sincery here. Only just got back myself for WoD and started a guild on FW alliance :D /poke me if you're looking for a place to stay > Storm#2189. Good to see you back man!

    Thejackal also coming back for WoD though looking for a active pvp realm with close to 50/50 ratio to settle my characters on, seems the majority of high pop realms are dominated by one faction =P
    Nickeh - Undead Warlock at the time.
    Zinjijinn here
    RS here
    Eveningsun, female gnome warrior, from Xstream :)
    I don't think I was really famous or anything, but I was one of 3 gnomes who had the Nightsabers :P
    <- :]
    This char
    Illinius here!
    Few know me I'd surmise, but hey, this character is from vanilla so hello ~

    Edit: I DO remember Xavierstorm though, can't remember from where though...
    Hey I was around back in vanilla but wasn't very well known. Played fem nelf hunter call Elysian back then and this rogue. I remember seeing you around Mordorelf, and Kalitree. Good to see old faces still playing :)
    While I'm waiting in queue, here, a fun classic picture from a crashed wedding I've saved from my brother's friend back when Faith was still around, who also achieved his beloved Atiesh staff later! Thought it could be fun to share (I'm magically in it too ~).
    Ha that brings back some memories! That hunter Nolfy has mana! And I remember Broken Fang and Sonic Blade rings a bell too :) look how many people used to play on FW! Damn had some good times back then!
    Haha, well. If I recall correctly, weren't FW one of the top servers at that time?

    Sporting guilds like Broken Fang, Solid, Faith, nerf gibson (might've been BC there, not sure.) etc. for Alliance, and Nightmare, Core and our favorite beloved Tyr's Hand owners, Zylos Hand for Horde.

    It was magical times of prosperity for all indeed. ^^

    Then free migging to Auchindoun came in WotLK and pretty much sucked Ally side dry...
    Iceblue/magie Am back on here now as well :) zin turned to the dark side I see. Do you still see forgiver zin? All so any one know if kebra still hanging about on here?
    Of course i remember you Plastikk. All the ganking around AQ opening and stuff!
    Hi - Casi/Icantstopown/Donnyosmonds reporting in
    Leaf here! Used to play Night Elf Priest on Frostwhisper in the guild Tempestas. Recently transfered away though.

    I remember a lot of the names, Frostwhisper was good times.
    I'm also still around, known better as Amokk or Aneurysm once. Good to see some familiar names. :)