Frostwyrm pet for Frost

Can we please have a permanent frostwyrm pet for our Frost spec? Either it being a new type of pet for Death Knights or a customization of the Ghoul, perhaps a glyph so it’s optional.

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We’ll get them at somepoint, but having a frostwyrm as a pet idk about that.

Im not sure both dps speccs of dks should be pet speccs, seems like removing a option from the class, rather then adding.

I can see this working as a glyph to change the appearance of the ghoul, not some sort of ability. Wouldn’t want frost to also be a pet class.

But my some frosty looking ghoul would be cool too.

please no. i alreadey hate unholy is %100 pet class for years.

i would add talent like mm hunter lone survivor to unholy if i could.

i prefer temporary pets with buff debuffs while we do rot or wound damage.

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