Frustrating quest

Hi I’m a new player and trying to do a quest called Curse of Jani and i really don’t understand how people complete this quest?

I have been transformed into a small dinosaur and have to avoid the guards but i always get caught and sent back to the start.

I’ve tried over 10 times so far and im getting so frustrated.

Can anyone help me?

Most of the time you can search on for stuff you’re confused or have a hard time with. It’s a database that has all the quests, items and spells in the game. Every page has a comment section so most likely problems that many encounter will already have an answer there.

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The first thing is that you don’t HAVE to do that quest. You will find other quests to do, and that one is not mandatory.

Blizzard have someone in there coming up with wacky ideas for quests. IMO, they should transfer him to the Antarctic office ASAP.

As Chronomi says, the Comments section of Wowhead is THE place to look for any problems with quests.

You can also search YouTube, which will sometimes be more helpful. Put in the name of the quest, and you will find several videos shoing it being done, for example:

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Thank you

I may come back to that quest and try again in the future when im less frustrated with it and feeling able to have another crack at it

I’ll look ahead and do the other quests for now

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

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