Frustration, stress, and anxiety. Absurd matchmaking

I’ve started the arena season like everyone else, and I’m feeling very frustrated and disheartened. I’m a player with average experience, and my highest ratings are 2k in arenas and 2k in RBGs. My issue is that in arenas, I’m consistently matched against Rank 1 players from Europe and Multigladiators. About 95% of the time, the game pairs me up against the best players in Europe and the world, making it nearly impossible for me to win as I’m just a middle-of-the-road player. I identify them as Rank 1 and Multigladiators because I inspect them one by one after each defeat.

I don’t understand the reason or the mistake that leads to this, but it’s affecting me deeply. I’m frustrated with the game, feeling disheartened and demotivated. I have two weeks left on my subscription, and I don’t feel like renewing it.

Since Shadowlands, I’ve been facing this issue. I can’t do arenas like I did five or six years ago when I was matched with people at my skill level. It saddens me to have to leave the game, but I can’t carry this stress into my real life as it causes anxiety. It’s a shame to see a game that was once glorious turn into such an absolute abomination.

It happens to me with all the classes, whether they are at 0 or are new characters.

P.S.: Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes, I am studying English.


your english is completely understandable enough and asking for more would be beyond reasonable for someone who is not native on their language, and as is your writing easily understandable and even relatable, it happens each deflated season to a degree of higher players making dozen alts to chill on lower ratings or perhaps make the 5th same class to climb, they do it for the exactly same reason as you are frustrated, they are just aswell tired of deflated/stale season progress so they relieve that stress by going play easyer lower games, so if this knowledge is of any use to you hope it helps understanding their reasoning for it or why you are matched to them atleast

what you are experiencing currently is most likely the fact that season only just began infact yesterday, we will be having alot of people on low mmrs for some time for now gearing and capping dozen of their characters they wish to play for this season, it is to be suspected and normal

hope you find something that works for you eventually, i suggest try dozen different things just for to learn and to have variations to play, good luck and all best :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately the case for most seasons. Blizzard artificially caps MMR which ‘corrals’ top players in ratings over a thousand below where they normally play. This then means they hunt all of the regular 2400 players that are much worse than the rank 1s, so they get pushed down to 2100, and in turn the 2400 players hunt the 2100s… and the 2100s hunt the 1800s… and so on.

Essentially the same as a traffic jam / car pile up - everyone is effected because the people at the top are denied the ability to climb.

When does this end? Usually 2-4 months into the season. Yes, that means your gameplay is going to be against a large amount of gladiators and rank 1 players for the next 2-4 months.

Some players take the hint that Blizzard is sending out and just quit playing until the end of the season. Others, like me, grit my teeth and get my rewards early, then stop playing till near the end. It isn’t ideal, and it is the primary reason why seasons feel so unbelievably dead only a few weeks after they start, then miraculously explode in popularity a month before they end.

You have 2 weeks on your sub, it ain’t getting fixed by 2 weeks time.

100% agree. Those players were strip-mined out by the process you’re experiencing now. People like yourself stop playing, some don’t return. Next season it happens again, people like yourself stop playing, some don’t return. Repeated over 6 or so years now, this process erodes out the middle-skill players who just desire the set, enchant or tabards.

Indeed! I made a rogue this expansion and so far I have faced BlizzCon Arena World Champions, many different streamers and many more multi-glads, despite being 1600 rated and playing at 1850-2100 MMR. I gave up on my rogue because of it - I can’t learn in an environment where everyone knows more about my class than I do. I lost to Joefernandes for example (BlizzCon champion, multi rank 1, skillcapped booster/contributor) and went to his stream to rewatch the match and he precalled himself bannering my cc, bladestorming my kidney, intervening my gouge and so on.

Somehow the game thinks this guy deserves to be at 2050 MMR :slight_smile:


Nicely written. Many years ago, when i was young i was actualy pushing for gladiator in tbc and wotlk.

Cameback to wow in Legion and every expansion im excited for pvp.

Nowadays the midle players are kinda out and its not fun anymore to push for 1800 atleast.

Many years ago was manageable to have fun and dont try hard till 2.2 2.3k

Bk than everyone tried pvp.

Nicely wrote , mate!


why are you talking to yourself or liking your own posts :grimacing:

and you calling other people trolls here, jesus

This just sounds like a copy of leetcode 853 lol

I understand it is frustrating but it’s day 3 of the season… it’s normal all skill levels are still a little entangled. Give it 1-2 weeks and the top players are at glad cr again

:clown_face::clown_face::clown_face: my multi r1 friends were hardstuck 2.1 for 70% of last ssn in legacy brackets.

last season it took, well, we can use the old posts to judge:

Season start date: May 9th.

This post is discussing changes to MMR that will happen on June 20th.

Until this point (June 20th) MMR had been artifically capped at like 2300 or something. I think there was literally 10-20 gladiators in the world by mid June, 6 weeks after the season started. This of course means the same problems existed for everyone far below 2300 MMR.

6 weeks - and that 7th week IIRC was like 15 extra MMR baseline. I don’t think the problem was actually fixed until September/October.

So yeah, HOPEFULLY they learned their lesson and actually don’t corral top players at 2300 MMR for 2 months, but yeah who can say at this point.

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