Dragonflight Season 2 Rating Update

We’ve seen a lot of discussion around ratings in Dragonflight Season 2 the past couple of weeks and we’ve reviewed and discussed the current state of ratings and matchmaking. For additional context, In Season 1 we shared some of our philosophy around rating and reward acquisition: Dragonflight Season 1 Rated PvP Rating Discussion)

Coming out of Season 1, we saw a large disparity between what rating a player could hit in Solo Shuffle compared to other rated brackets. We wanted to have less rating disparity between the different brackets, so the general skill level between each feels roughly the same, with the goal of being able to obtain the highest ratings in 3v3.

On the topic of Inflation - As noted in the above post, we did start inflation earlier this season, having started this past week (Week 5). We have noticed that a smaller amount of players are hitting the higher end of ratings compared to the same time as Season 1, which also has trickle effects on the rest of the ladder. To help improve this situation, we are taking the following steps:

  • With next week’s reset, the inflation rate will be substantially increased for next week
    • This increase will be gradual throughout the course of the week
  • The steadier inflation rate will continue for the remainder of the season

We’ll continue to monitor the numerous factors at play that impact the overall rated ladder and ratings. Thank you for your continued feedback and patience on this topic.


Only took you 1 month and 1 week. :slightly_smiling_face: Meanwhile there was so much feedback from every single possible platform (twitter, reddit, forums, youtube etc.)
Also there are still broken classes that needs fixing and addressing, but I guess at his pace we will wait few more months until we see anymore changes at all…


Good to see you will be inflating the ladder. My soul has left my body until I reach 2100 this season, it took over 1k games and required balance changes. I am a regular elite player each season, imagine struggle of worse or new players who are inexperienced.

1 - We also need extra incentives to play more, have you ever considered selling Gladiator mounts inexchange of let’s say 10x (Number is random you call it 20) Vicious Saddles to encourage players to play more and give them a purpose after reaching their goals?

2 - Addition of equivalent of Gladiator Mount for shuffle. If ladder will always be inflated make it 3000+ reward if you want, we need something to look forward to. Shuffle might have many frustrating things about it but it is preferred by majority because it is practical, easy access but you need to add more rewards to work for.

I believe my suggestions will make people que more, you can even rename Gladiator mounts bought by Vicious Saddle to make a distinction between people who earned it by going high and people who casually farmed it whole year.


But why tho?

they are different brackets 3k in 3v3 is different from 3k in 2v2 and obviously different from 3k in shuffle

I am confused someone explain this part to me please


I might be missing something, but isn’t 1 of the major issues right now the mmr cap, which due to low inflation is also kicking in early.

With more inflation the issue will still be there, just the cap will be a bit higher.

Where as R1 healers now cap at 2.2-2.3, they will cap at 2.4-2.5 and will still trickle down on the whole ladder…

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Theres a special word for profesional people of expected high skill level who have slow/no adequate reaction but i dont want to be rude rn.
All I want to say is:

  • Nobody is angry that the game doesnt work at first, thats normal and expected.
  • People are angry because you run in circles. Large number of issues could be predicted months ago and completely avoided.
  • I HATE that while we pay monthly, and yearly for an expansion you take another month of 0 action to make the game berable while the money are flowing.
    Thats just unacceptable for a company of such caliber, with so much finances and etc.
  • Your words and promises never mean anything, you always promise all kinds of things- you never deliver. What happened to communication between players and devs ? transparency ? People went crazy on this forum for months now, where was the response?
  • When I came to retail at first I did not understood why people are so angry at the Devs, and Im sorry i gotta be “PvP Paul” but PvP is barren and people are in their right to complain. I totally side with the community I once thought too demanding but let me elaborate further:
    Theres no other community so passionate about their game that they literally tell you how to fix the game, like people generally come up with good solutions to how to fix the game, good ideas for newer features and etc.
    And sad part is → You promised communication → for the 1231231 time you did not deliver, and nobody made you promise anything but you did Blizzard and its a full circle again as with everything.

That’s great news! I’m also glad that Blizzard changed the ridiculous rating deflation in Shuffle from last season because it does really hurt the regular 3v3, rgb and 2v2 bracket if everybody is 500 rating higher in Shuffle than in the other modes.

Does that mean it will be easier to reach 1800 rating for the elite sets? Will I get more rating from winning rounds?

I can’t help but notice that the rating spread seems to depend on the number of entities competing, and this could very well explain the problems in WotLK and solo shuffle and RBG. You keep having to manually adjust.

This is fine in the sense that it keeps the rating spread low enough that there’s always a reasonable number of players in range of you for the matchmaker while being able to more finely sort the players when there’s more to take from.

But you keep tying rewards to absolute numbers causing everything to break.

Stop doing that.

I’m happy it finally comes but i will not thank you for that. It took you way too long of doing absolutely nothing for you to even deserve a thank you. And the only “feedback” you listened to in the end was the constant spamming of twitch chat in AWC. You completely ignored everything else from twitter, reddit, yt etc. There has been numorous feedback all over the place for months that you completely disregarded. So yeah, stop actling like saviours when what you did now should have been done months ago.


I feel like Blizz wanted to take numbers of glad somewhere to % based like before, but through mmr cap and lower inflatiion, to make them just as rare as before Bfa.
But the problem is, in old and not so old times there was a huge skill disparity on the ladder, there were tons of less skilled players due to lack of game knowledge and less guides / top pvp streamers overall.

But these days it just cant work like this, skillcap is much higher even at low ratings, ppl fake kicks starting with 1600 and so on.

Plus there is a whole new group of players that make a living of their wow gameplay, they cant even be looked at as a “players”, they dont play for fun, they play for living.
This leads to more and more skilled players overall too, cause ppl watch streams and become better, learn and improve.
Literally these days glad players can be considered r1s of the past, and r1 these days become somewhat of mythical level that didint even exist before, like Reckfull and the legends of old.
There is no way a player can compete with r1 streamers in gameplay unless ure living the game just like them, spending all free time and will to achieve ratings.

And this way of Blizz is not healthy cause its still the game, and end rewards like glad must not be centered around ppl that make profit of this game.
Just disable mmr caps n everything u did and the game will be FUN for players, not only for hard time workers.


I completely disagree.

Make a new reward for 10 or 20 vicious saddles, sure, why not.
But don’t cheapen the achievement of those who commit so much to the game that they’ve reached the frontpage of the PvP ladder.

Nobody should be granted welfare rewards.
This is World of Warcraft. Not France.


Not realy more rating, but matches will be easier as People who belong to higher rating will move up to where they are usualy and not sit 1800 etc.

Can you address the rating disparity in solo shuffle games as well?

It seems rather silly that you can be 1600 healers in 1200 rating dps games one game and then another game you have 2000 rating dps.

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Finally some feedback and changes. It is really necessary to completely remove the mmr cap. Also don’t forget on SS, that is caped/deflated as well. I have 2 characters at 2.2k CR and I only meet r1/awc players like Zeepey, Lontar, Raiku, etc. all I get is 3-3 at best and I’m just stuck with rating. It doesn´t feel good to not progress, asp. on that rating. Still I can be happy even for 2.2k now, because many 3k players are stuck below 2k… The whole mmr/rating situation is leading people to wait until the end of the season to even start playing, and that’s really unhealthy for the game.

Too little too late


Yeah… season almost over….

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If you are right I’ll start to spam ‘’ buff outlaw rogue ‘’ on twitch ASAP xD

Rating and MMR systems are outdated and don’t work anymore.


Alessathrina said everything perfectly. There is literally no communication between WoW devs. or who ever is in charge of PvP and if they say otherwise they are lying. I’ve checked NA forums it’s the same as well there. They never addressed anything at all, until people are losing their mind and stop playing (money stop flowing) that’s it. It’s only about the money they don’t care about you, community or me. You can’t possibly tell me there was no feedback, as I wrote in post before, there was so much feedback we could have seen weekly changes EASILY and we would be happy. And what’s happening at AWC now? Over tuned balance druids, warlocks and mostly casters. Keep in mind we are talking about multi billion company. I have no expectations from them anymore I lost all my passion, motivation and hope for this game, I’m only playing it cause I still have friends playing and I’ve been playing it for so long. It’s pretty sad NGL. :skull: