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Recently I have been thinking about Sargeras and the sword he stabbed in to Azeroth (Silithus).

After a ton of reading and speculation I have come to believe the following.

The sword of Sargeras is said to have been “crafted from hatred made manifest”. The red energy surrounding the sword that we later drain with our artifact weapons is pure hatred.

Every invasion from the legion has been lost and Sargeras probably realized some time ago that once united the Alliance and the Horde is a force to be reckoned with and the only way to purge the world in fire is to turn the two factions against each other.

So he stabs his sword crafted from hatred in to Silithus to corrupt us which I believe would explain a lot of the following events.

There is also something odd about the Sha of hatred. Sha of hatred is a demon by nature and not an elemental like all the other Sha. There is also a quote from Sha of hatred - " Your turn will come. Hate will turn you all against one another until this whole burns" .

I don’t believe there is a connection between the Sha of hatred and Sargeras except hatred. Both are the embodiment of hatred and I feel like the quote fits in with what’s been happening with Battle for Azeroth.

The Horde and Alliance have been fighting each other now for quite a bit and both factions are weakened. That would be the perfect time to make an appearance for N’zoth and Azshara who both have been watching us for some time. They linger in the background waiting for the right moment to strike.

One other thing I have been thinking about is that Silithus is where C’thun was imprisoned. It seems to be intentional and no coincidence that he put his sword in Silithus out of all places.

We have seen that prisons often lie below ground and are huge titan facilities. The sword must have destroyed something in this prison. I have no clue what this could mean.

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If we go into it, either the Storm Peaks or Silithus would have made valuable targets. He could have also stabbed the Maelstrom and buried the blade deep into Deepholm as well as the original location of the Well of Eternity and unleashed N’Zoth so Azshara didn’t have to.

Ever since he stabbed Silithus, I always thought that he did it because “you want your plant corrupted by the true evil, fine!”


True, but there might be some other reason because it’s right next to un’goro where there are some important titan stuff.

One other interesting thing is that his sword “Gorribal” is merely a fragment of his original sword “Gorshalach” which is described as the most powerful weapon in the universe. The other part of this sword is " Taeshalach" currently in possession of Aggramar.

So if things really goes south, Aggramar can combine the two and have the most powerful weapon in the universe.

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That’s possible.

I think we need to see more of the story and where we go and see exactly what happened after N’Zoth broke free and took Azshara with him.
I’m not so clear on Old god lore, but didn’t they say that C’thun was one of the strongest of the Old Gods? Could that be of additional consequences regarding Silithus.
Also, I can’t shake off the feeling that Elune is also due to play a role in this as well.


I think all the old gods are strong in different things, N’zoth seems to be much more intelligent and patient than C’thun or Yogg’saron. I think he might have had his own agenda and not very liked by the other old gods. Xalatath even said in Tomb of Sargeras that a huge battle took place on the broken shore and it is believed that N’zoth was opposing Y’shaarj.

I’m not sure about Elune, I feel like the light at least seems to be more for world domination than the void/old gods.

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Though it’s really interesting for me, but i think Sargeras just stabbed Silithus randomly, not that he meant to stab it. If C’thun broke free ( Or any other Old god ) he will corrupt Azeroth and make it a pawn to the void forces, which of course is something Sargeras will do anything to prevent it from happening, even if it means killing Azeroth to ensure that.
So it’s an accident coming out of Sargeras’s bad luck and C’thun’s good luck. The real question here is what C’thun or his minions actually doing? Giant sword in their yard. Azerite popping out of everywhere in huge amounts. Hopefully we will see something about him and not that Blizzard writers forget about his existence ( Like medan )


I agree, I hope they don’t forget about him. However I’m not sure that it is randomly. If you look at the video it really do look like he is aiming for something specific when he puts his blade down. Almost as if he was a surgeon trying to pinpoint the location of an organ.

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If you look at the Warbringer’s cinematic for Aszhara, when she sees the vision of N’zoth and makes the deal, it does look an awful lot like Silithus. Now I know that would be weird, given that C’thun was there. Perhaps it is just another area, that looked like Silithus but now is beneath the waves.

Although realistically, if you want my honest opinion as to why he stabbed Silithus (Apart from it was a last minute F U to the people of Azeroth as he was Yoinked away by the Pantheon) is that it was a Zone Blizzard could plant a hossing great sword into without giving either faction an advantage or disrupting questing…


They could have done it to any zone since there is the option of going back the the original Silithus.

I think Sargeras planned it and I believe he is far more intelligent than to just let his emotions get in the way of his plans to purge the universe in fire.


It’s very hard to stratify the Old Gods in terms of power. We can look at the size of their respective realms (Google ‘Black Empire Map’) to get an idea though. Doing so, we see that Y’Shaarj had to largest domain - this makes sense. The Titan constructs were unable to defeat Y’Shaarj and subdue him like they had with the other Old Gods, necessitating Aman Thul himself to reach down and ‘pluck’ Y’Shaarj from Azeroth like a pimple. This created a huge wound in the planet (that became the Well of Eternity) and is the reason all we can find of ol’ Y’Shaarj are fragments like his Heart.

Xal’atath also hints that N’zoth was the weakest of all of the Old Gods, and finds it amusing/irritating that he is the last one left. Thing is, Xal is not a reliable narrator. We have to question and scrutinise everything that she says. Some of the lore hints that her dagger might have been worked from a claw or talon of Y’Shaarj, which would make her dislike and condescension for N’zoth quite clear. She went from the big boss to… Well… A dagger. But in terms of their domains, N’zoth, Yogg-Saron and C’thun were all more-or-less identical in scope.

As for whether that was Sargeras’ plan - to infect the planet with hate? I don’t think so. I think this was his last desperate strike to slay Azeroth (the Titan) and in doing so save the universe. Or so he believes, at any rate. Notice the entrance to the Chamber of Heart is in Silithus. Sargeras was, quite literally, stabbing for the heart of the planet. Luckily, in his haste, he missed - albeit barely.


Yes, as you said, it’s no coincidence that he put his sword into Silithus. It was one final attempt to destroy at least one of the Old God before getting imprisoned.


Medan its better he is forgotten and doesnt excist anymore

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