Fun Fact: Forum user counts

(Orlen) #10

That’s not a clickable link though, just wrapping it preform.

(Punyelf) #11

It’s a simple copy paste format any one can use.

Most browsers even allow you to highlight and right click so you can go to.

(Fatum) #12

but it’s exactly the proof of how unreasonable this is :smiley:

(Orlen) #13

Is the criteria for posting actual links a post praising Azerite gear or something?

(Punyelf) #14

How is it unreasonable when that’s all you’ve been able to do in the past?

(Punyelf) #15

If the criteria was praising blizzard most of us with trust level 3 would have it removed. Regular forum participation is how you gain levels.

You can read the faq that is pinned on what the requirements are.

(Fatum) #16

it’s unreasonable to prevent players to make a clickable link and force them to make an unclickable one or a broken one instead. what is the point of this prevention?


Fatum, Orlen: you do realise you could get TL3 with about as much grind as a full LFR through Uldir? (or, considering LFR G’huun, maybe rather less :stuck_out_tongue: ) ?

(Ilyrian) #18

I don’t think it’s a perfect system but it does discourage the forums being filled with needless spam.

(Orlen) #19
  • Read 20,000 Posts created in the last 100 Days

welp…I’m not getting that any time

I thought I would struggle with the liked posts more than this part xd

(Fatum) #20

i’m already TL 3 but still think that it’s pointless to bind an ability to post a clickable it to that level :slight_smile:

(Orlen) #21

Bah come on that implies actual effort in LFR compared to the actual requirements of trust level 3 :slight_smile:


You don’t have to actually read them. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Orlen) #23

note…posts skimmed over by me apparently is at 6.7k…what have I been doing with my life…


Sorry, I thought it was 1K threads.

Remember, these are not Blizzard’s rules. They are Discord’s rules. Blizzard just ticked the defaults and said “yeah, ok”. Like we all do eith EULAs :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fatum) #25

true, but 20k/100days is a bit too strict in my opinion.

edit: actually it’s 50 days only for visiting the last 100 days is for the 20k post created only.

(Orlen) #26

how does one even see what trust level one is at?

(Fatum) #27

check “trust” in the text. the highest level shows your level. it’s “2” in your case.

(Orlen) #28

Appreciate that…

Though I must say that is a rather mental way of finding out what trust level you are at…

(Punyelf) #29

You only have to see how many posts the average topic/discussion includes. You’d be surprised how many you read in a very short space of time. You can see a fair amount of that on your profile if it’s enabled.

6.7k posts read when I looked just now, so you are well on your way.