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(Lepanto) #1

Well, it was funny for me anyway… So I am no pro but I like M+ and this Season I’m going to try to push a weeeee higher than last season where I got to 1400 or so Rio. Already at 996 so looking good.

Of course there’s a lot of gear still in the pipeline, but this week’s affixes are too good to pass on, so my friend, an awesome Disc Priest, and me are trying to get high specially on bad keys (Sots and KR) which become a pain on bad weeks.

Story: I put a premade M+ run up, ML 12 up. Specifically state “Flask and food or don’t bother”. I’m sure 12 is small fry for many, but this early in the Season I really want buffed toons in my runs (my key after all?). If we don’t hit a timer, whatever, but I want to give us the best chance.

10 mins later we’re all buffed except a player who’d been complaining about my name, Lepanto. He was Turkish and this DH took offence at a battle the Turks lost, the battle of Lepanto. WHATEVER. Didn’t press the issue. Deal with it mate that was 500 years ago.

I politely ask the player to buff up, including flask. Please. Replies that no, they are expensive and he’s going to out DPS everyone, just you wait. I told him that flask or out, hey it was right there and you read it. So I had to remove him.

Nice guy proceeds go call me a few very non imaginative names before I report him (told him after removing him that hey sorry but he was wasting my time and I was wasting his).

Proceeded to murder ML12 and were it not for a stupid bug which kept us in combat would have +2 it (missed +2 by 15 secs or so).

So what I found funny is how people ignore “requests”, come up with excuses and feel entitled.

But I love pugs. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with some amazing players this week. So yeah a few lemons here and there, but sometimes pugs are brilliant.

(Fernine) #2

Just here to point out the bug

If anyone pulls a bomb or gets near them you will be in combat until the bombs are dead or destroyed, If they are summoned by the robots you also have to kill them

(Lepanto) #3

Went back to kill bombs, but didn’t help. Maybe I missed one I guess.

Stupid bug really. Maybe it was the DH disguised

(Fernine) #4

Could been a bomb spawned when you didnt see it, i often experience that bug and normally its a bomb thats spawned in a place you wonder how it even got there :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lepanto) #5

I mean, yeah that was probably it. Like I say I went back (we didn’t DR at all) and killed two bombs, but I probably missed one I guess.


Only bad DH can think that there any other way and that they need to state it out loud lul kek.
What can possibly be the other reason, but big damage, to invite a DH to the group?
Our “group utility” and “off heals”? xD

“Any man who must say, 'I am the king ’ is no true king . I’ll make sure you understand that when I’ve won your war for you.” Daddy Lannister :sweat_smile:

(Lepanto) #7

I mean DHs or not, the obvious thing is that the same player with a flask is going to do more damage than without a flask. Surely that’s easy enough to understand even if he didn’t like my name? :smile:


Mentality difference I bet, based on the info you have provided about DH. Easy to explain if you fancy yourself reading about how other cultures evaluate basic life situation.

I don’t take what pugs say into consideration.
First off all I don’t understand them most of the time hehe.
Secondly, I am not that nice to explain why smth is wrong, like why if bear tank can’t hold aggro it shifts to me as a highest dps.

I just chill and say ye, ofc I am high and taunt all mobs from you :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alexima) #9

you see good people. You see bad people. sometimes, you’re the good one, and sometimes you’re not.

This is how internet is. It’s just that anonymity people have here makes them act like bastards sometimes, since no one knows who they are and they can get away with it.

It’s a sad part of online gaming, but it’s unavoidable.


Yeah ML can have some strange things happen, like pulling a boss from outside the platform with no one doing anything or staying in combat from the 1st boss, so it wasnt the bombs and even reloading and shadowmeld wont help. Standing still and after a while suddenly a pack decides to come say hi, while literally no one moved or pulled or anything.
Somehow ML just wont be nice to me, dunno why…

(Duzurîx) #11

U mean like when u make a group and set requierements to idk 1.2k rio min for example and dude with 235 score,65 depleted runs and 450 ilvl sign up. U decline and he goes straight to the forum to make a topic “Remove rio” “Rio is bad for the game” or some sh!it like that? :grinning::grinning:

(Lepanto) #12

Eeeeexactly like that. Hahaha.


No its not, its still content under progression. I kinda feel its like: When youre outgearing it by alot you may not need consumables, dont think people are 440 already so youre right.

Dont you know that in M+ the most spoiled snowflakes you ever meet is DH’s?

Got a better story than yours involving a DH.

Shrine 15, last season. me, mage, WW, DH.

Interrupts rotation was WW/DH/Mage ranged (on last boss adds)

Time for 1st interrupt that belonged to the WW, DH kicks in, WW kicked in.
WW asks DH, Why did you kick mate? It was my turn.

Pro DH replies: LEARN TO ADAPT.

When we complete the dungeon i got out said goodbye… Insta whispered the monk: LEARN TO ADAPT YOU NOOB, i think we laughed for at least 10 mins both us with the proism of that DH xD

(Chocoh) #14

I’ve had some stinking keys this season so far lol. 12 siege last night, everyone 430+ and 1kio mininum. A warrior DPS died 8 times on bosses lol. And a mage did a whole wopping 8k average DPS, below the healer and tank haha.


Just decline every DH, most of them are arrogant fckups. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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