Furbolgs and Tauren

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I’m currently playing through Azuremyst Isle and noticed Tauren heads placed as “decoration” inside the Furbolg main camp. What is the story behind this? In the story they want to present the Furbolg as peaceful and they are the only ones who reaches out to us after the crash. However, the Tauren are equally peaceful and empathic.

In an old thread on Reddit someone suggested that the Tauren once were pirates. I find this highly unlikely, for so many reasons. Someone else suggested that there are infected Tauren in Feralas and that they might have followed the Furblog all the way to Azuremyst. I don’t like any of these explanations. They are so far-fetched. Besides, why making Tauren an enemy in the first place? Is there even any point?

I get that this is a tiny detail. I mean, maybe they didn’t think about lore at all and just wanted to create an atmosphere. I was also thinking that since the lore isn’t always objective, maybe the Furbolgs aren’t as gentle as they are presented? Anyway, if you know the reason behind this or just happen to have a passion for Furbolg lore, please share!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I don’t think that there is a lore reason for this:

Given that tauren and fulbolg have been allies for ten thousand years it just seems a bit weird for that head to be hanging in the middle of an uncorrupted tribe’s settlement. Without digging into it, I suspect the head is a reused asset from somewhere else (possibly something involving centaurs). If it is unique then it was probably added, as you mentioned, purely to add some atmosphere to the area.

Although now that I think about it some plausible head-canon could be that they accompanied the blood elf forces to the island and got into a fight with the Stillpine.


I guess this is what makes the most sense… :bulb:



I would put the tauren head into the same category as the centaur rug and goblin pinup calendar. They are grotesque oddities meant for silly flavour. :upside_down_face:


Its part of the generic “furbolg village” set, used in Ashenvale etc. Devs didn’t consider the lore ramifications when slapping the set down in later settings.

I’d also point out that just like the Tauren, Furbolg are tribal. Just because one tribe has some esteem for orcs/humans/tauren/whatever doesn’t mean the rest do. Also not all Tauren are Lakota rip-off, dreamcatcher-weaving hippies, tyvm.

Now go organise an event where we have to track down this poor guys family/i.d him/solve the mystery!


And don’t forget the gnoll tents made from human skin!


the gnoll tents make sense though


Hahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all…

I don’t like this randomness in WoW. It breaks the immersion. Thankfully the comments here brought my imagination to life, so it’s all good. Gonna write down in the special WoW story book now. :laughing: :memo:


Neither do I, but I suppose it is inevitable in an ever expanding world. I am still having a hard time explaining the background of the kaldorei living in Val’sharah. Did they live there for millenia without any contact to the kaldorei in Kalimdor? If so, why did they not appoint their own leaders? If they arrived recently, why has it not been elaborated further? Was the Broken Isles recently raised from the Great Sea – or have they remained isolated since the Great Sundering? All these questions are just the a few of many from Pandora’s Box of Lingering Lore. So much is sacrificed on the Altar of Retroactive Continuity. :unamused:


Soon the tale of Dim Bonehead, Ambassador to the Furbolg, shall be told. Along with the tragic misunderstanding that led to his demise after referring to them all as “a bunch of Ursols”…

On a more sane note, if people react to asset-use like that with “That doesnt fit with my preconceptions therefor is wrong!” and not “I wonder what the story is here?” then they’ll never be happy. I always thought “Welp, the silly bugger obviously annoyed them!” when I saw that dangly heid floppin’ about.

The randomness is part of the immersion for me as worlds are full of random strangeness. The crippling idiocy evinced by the recent writing/grammar/plot/characterisation is far more an issue of quality experience. (Seriously, what moron thinks “casted”, “grinded” or suchlike are words? Bad enough when Players use them!)


Some Tauren are pirates, though. Maybe this was one of those…

Or a… Grimtotem? The bad Tauren? :man_shrugging:


New head canon: something went really awry when Mr Smite was trying to improvise.


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