Fury 10.1 pvp?

anyone tested fury for pvp on ptr? im testin it and its gonna be even more worse than its atm on live lol

i did not test it at all. i hope i can at least reach 1800 again for the set. if not then it is what it is.

if fury is gonna be the worst melee spec in the game coming next patch than we will have to live with it

Fury was very playable in S1 aswell i would even call it solid. The reason for its low playrate was entirely down to arms being S tier for the entire season. I actually played fury myself when i played this season since if i´d played arms i´d been a hypocrit for being against fotm rerolling.

Fury is extremely passively tanky, very high burst, very solid consistant damage, fantastic mobility and one of the games strongest MS. The issues i experienced with Fury was actually related to its MS effect however. The issue i had with it was purely due to the fact that i couldnt stack it at all since so many classes has MS effects now, be it considerable weaker once but due to those effects it wont even let me stack my far superior version due to how the game works now.

If fury was allowed to stack its MS effect i would likely call it strong A tier. Its also worth noting that fury does not like playing against arms warriors so arms being overtoned by default makes fury less common but the main factor here is that everyone is going to play whatever spec is op.

I also dont want another fury warrior meta ever again like we had for two seasons straight in SL. Its fairly fun to play because of how extremely zugzug it is but its not fun to play against n i dont think it should ever be the main warrior spec for PvP.

i played over 1100 rounds with fury in solo shuffle and i think fury was not really good. you had burst every 90sec and then you were hitting with noodles until your cds were ready again.

meanwhile furys tankiness dwindles down the drain the moment dampening kicks in while classes with immunitys, or parry cds, or evasion etc dont loose effectiveness with dampening.

i agree that fury would benefit a lot when we are allowed to stack our ms when another ms is already active. this kinda nullifies our ms and a talent slot. i wish they would change that with 10.1 but all we got was a 4% buff to abilitys and auto attack.
while other classes got buffed pretty good to make up for the crit change.
even though fury gets also affected by the crit nerf

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