Fury/Arms Warrior Looking for Raiding Guild

I’m a Fury/Arms warrior with mythic raiding experience looking for a raiding guild.
I’m looking for a mythic raiding guild with the goal to achieve cutting edge on all tiers. guild that raids 2-3 Days a week. I can raid on all days except Fridays and Saturdays. I also work about every 3rd Sunday. But If thats ok with you Sundays work as well. I sim my gear to know what’s an upgrade and what isn’t and I always check logs to see how I can improve on each fight.

I’ve been playing since TBC but first started raiding in MoP. In Legion I got Cutting Edge in the Emerald Nightmare and 3/10 In The Nighthold before my guild disbanded and I stopped raiding in a guild enviroment for the rest of the expansion. I was in a guild in the start of BFA and got I 3/10 Mythic In Uldir before my guild disbanded once again, and I took a break until now. I do however have all of the Ahead of The Curve achivements since Throne of Thunder except Battle of Dazar’ Alor.

I do have a Boomkin and a ele/enhancement Shaman at level 120 as well. They are very undergeared though but if you’re ready to help me gear those characters I am willing to reroll as well. I am also willing to transfer my character but not before I’ve been able to test raid with the guild in question.

Please whisper me in game at
or add me on Discord at

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