Fury warrior Mountain Thane

Here we go again.
Why does everything in those revolve around thunder clap? I can’t remember the last time I pressed that ability as a Fury warrior.
It makes sense for Prot, it makes sense for Arms but… Fury? Like seriously who is the dev for this class? Also, AGAIN they’re trying to push the usability of Bloodthirst for no reason whatsoever.
I know we have the other hero class talent tree not yet revealed with the Slayer but this is unbearably underwhelming if you’re Fury (for Prot these talents seem fun).
There’s time till all this becomes a reality and that all this might change but come on blizz, at this point this is just mental gymnastics trying to make Fury press more than 3 buttons.


They don’t have a dev for this class. just some random Habib doing tickets for classes he doesn’t understand.

There’s just no budget for an actual mathematician with minimal class knowledge to come and balance stuff out.


I am pretty disappointed in the direction warrior is apparently going…


I went into more detail in the feedback thread, but yeah - Mountain Thane for Fury does not look to be any fun.

Will it do damage, probably, they can force it to be BiS in just proc RNG damage value after all.

Does it sound fun. Does it make me hyped to play it and try it out? No, not at all.

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I liked it better than the other trees that were shown.

There was something weird i noticed though, why does one of the talent reduce ravager cd? We already have anger management for that, it should reduce avatar cd if anything.

Would make way more sense with the rest of the tree.

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You are not pressing it because our talent trees are seriously undercooked, Thunder Clap can work for fury, if they remove rage cost from it.

The fact they did not do it in Dragonflight frustrates me a lot.

Fury doesn’t need or want thunderclap though. Arms has traditionally used thunderclap as a core ability since WOTLK, Fury has never used thunderclap outside of offtanking roles. Fury should try to recapture the magic of Classic Fury, high paced flowing gameplay with medium/heavy blows.

Right now it’s like a donkey on coke hitting for peanuts, spamming two buttons to create the flow only for the flow to temporarily just stop, feels janky… That’s gotta change, but adding Thunder Clap is the opposite of maintaining this flowing gameplay.

Arms doesn’t have the same flow, it’s more methodical and tactical, thunder clap works well in the Arms gameplay (but maybe not how it’s currently used on single target, as exclusively a rage dump alternative to apply rend).

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Arms - Blademaster (Warcraft 3 Orc Hero unit)

Fury - Berserker (Warcraft 3 Troll Upgraded Unit)
Perhaps Warlord would be better and still in keeping.

Prot - Mountain King (Warcraft 3 Dwarf Hero Unit). Thane, I guess if you want to sidestep gender specific naming.

This stuff is already there. Stop straying from old Warcraft. You only alienate and annoy fans by doing this.

Not even complaining about the theme tho, the talents seem like a convoluted rngfest with a bunch of abilities no fury warrior asked for.

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At least they’re trying to ensure thunder clap becomes a fury ability but…it just doesn’t work and can’t replace whirlwind in that regards.

We’ll probably play with the shared arms and fury tree.

Slayer will probably focus on Whirlwind and Execute at least that is my prediction.

So yeah if one Hero Talent focuses on Thunderclap with goal to replace Whirlwind while other focuses on Whirlwind, that actually seems like good idea.

Thunderclap seems to be good, it will actually fix one issue where our AOE mandatory filler, actually is impactful ability now and it will also increase our AOE pressure outside of CDs.

Yeah we should wait for Slayer and Colossal reveal, but with slight changes Mountain Thane can work for fury very well.

Blizz should make mountain thane the hero spec between Prot and Arms, since those two actually use Thunderclap baseline, it makes far more sense to put the talents enhancing Thunderclap there.

Although i’m rather averse to the mountain thane concept in general, it’s purely a Dwarf thing, what does it have to do with pretty much any other race? Only reason they’re pushing for it is as a holdover from “Warcraft III”, IMO.

Or if they want to keep the war3 hero vibe, they should swap the role of thunder clap and WW for fury and arms. Arms would revolve around WW and bs while fury would look like the mountain king.

With such a build then playing ww + meat cleaver would seems pointless so it means we won’t be able to cleave off ST spells. I don’t like it.

I feel like it’s heavily skewed towards prot.

I think you did not understand.

Thunder Clap is going to replace WW, it will triger meatcleaver buff so you can cleave your ST abilties.

I tried it on live, with 30% haste CD of thunderclap fits nicely after you cleave your forth ST ability. You will basically have no downtime actually even less downtime compared to Annihilator build now.

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