Fury warrior PVE needs tuning

Do i need to say more? We all know Fury just doesn’t cut it this season.

Blizzard this is your wake up call.

  1. Why is fury capped to 5 targets in AoE for most of our damage.
  2. Why do we still have that 0.5 second downtime every now and then (clunkyness)
  3. When we use all our cd’s we are getting out damaged by a hunter/Dh who isn’t even in their major cooldowns. (What the actual **** blizzard)?

We all know this needs some serious overhaul.

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Level 40 DK posts, are the new level 58 DK ones?


i got a 477ilvl fury alt and whenever i burst my aoe on a big m+ trash pack visually it looks like im doing crazy damage looking at all the damage numbers popping up, one look at the dps meter and it shows me doing absolutely trash dps in 3rd place.

meanwhile i can burst 1.5m dps with my BM hunter without an aug

fury warrior is in a pathetic state

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Arms is even worse

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Lol i think u guys need to learn how to play haha

Honey, I was first warrior reaching 3k this season in my realm and I can confirm all these comments. I do know how to play, i’m rarely not the top dps in my m+'s, but 10.2 is exceptionally bad for fury warrior. No scaling potential, tier sets don’t even work properly, and just make our worst talent tree path barely usable with a completely brain dead rotation.

Fury is bad and the person who’s responsible for its state should feel bad. (just a meme, don’t feel bad, happy holidays)

PS: If you’re top dps in your m+ group as a fury warrior, your team members are either blind or have extra cromossomes.


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