Fury/arms lf 2 day raiding guild

10/10 hc
Cutting edge last tier.
Lf friendly and fun guild, with goals. What goals, doesn’t matter too much. I dont mind helping with whatever I can, keys etc. A father and full time job but I’m online pretty much every single day. Reply here and I’ll contact you.

Cheers / Konwha

Hey Konwha,
We’re only one day but since you mention being a dad / work FT then we might work for you.

Hey. We’re a newly formed guild on Twisting Nether, raiding 19-22 server time, Thursday and Monday. Currently forming our roster with rougly 5-6 members currently. Founders are 10/10HC. If it sounds interesting you can PM us on discord. Thanks!

Discord: Dassdykaren#7788, Gaming#5709, Turboh#6796, FLeX#2519

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Hey there! Astral Walkers CN HC: 8/10 is a chill&friendly PvE guild. We are currently looking for heroic raid group members. To get the curve and continue mythic raids after. Raid days are on Thursday/Saturday at 7.30PM Realm Time. Feel free to contact me if u are interested : #aurea2476

Hey Konwha,

Give us a look

Hey Knowha, our guild is currently recruiting melee dps for Castle Nathria HC and onto Mythic, we run keys everyday and most of us are 9/10 10/10 HC, we’re looking to reclear HC a few times to help gear up the fresher players and then move into mythic.

If you’d like to discuss further drop me a mail on discord or bnet

Discord - Calzonker#9365
Bnet - Cal#2870

Hi there Konwha,

Take a look at our guild see if we are a good fit!

If you are still looking, hit me up Babs#21172
we just hit 2/10Mythic going for a chill environment while clearing content.
We might not get cutting edge this tier, as we are newly formed, but planning on it on the coming tiers.

Hi @Konwha

Check us out and let me know, we might be a perfect fit:


Hey, we’re currently 3/10m looking for a warrior :slight_smile: drop me a dm on discord #Sloburn3132 or Bnet Sloburn#21221

Hey, you sound like the kind of player we are looking for in our guild on Draenor.
New Divide is currently 10/10 HC and 2/10M. We take a more chilled and friendly approach to raiding but still strive for progression and we are looking for like minded players like yourself.

our raid days are: Wednesday and thursday at 20:30-23:30 ST
we also have an optional raid day which is for HC if mythic isn’t your thing which happens on Mondays at 20:30-23:30 ST
if you are interested add me on discord so we can speak more there: Dwuckiee#6152