<Zero Standards>[H] [Draenor EU] 9/10HC LFM

ZERO STANDARDS is a guild comprised of people over the whole world, who became friends doing what they love, killing bosses and spending time together on Azeroth. We took a break over BFA but we plan to come back strong for Shadowlands!

So, what will you get with us

1: A friendly bunch of guys and girls who are active in game and are always in for a laugh, quick dungeon or even achievement hunting.
2: Mentorship, advice, class knowledge, assistance, and a supportive chilled atmosphere. The core group has been together for almost 4 years and there is no drama with us.
3: Steady progress and set raid times, so you always know what we are doing and when.
4: Banter, laughter, fun!

So, what are our plans for Shadowlands

1: Heroic only progressive raiding. Why Heroic only you ask? We all have real lives and real jobs to attend to, so Heroic is enough challenge without dumping all of our real life time into Mythic raiding.
2: Mythic + Dungeons in our off time. This is both for gear and to enjoy a whole other part of WoW.
3: A set 2 day raiding schedule, which will revert to one day a week when we have the raid on farm. We also gear Alts, and will allow socials and newbies to get a feel of proper raiding, while having tons of fun.

Raid times and dates

Raid days are Mondays and Thursdays from 7-11pm ST
We dont require you to have a tons of alts, specific professions, or play a specific class. We want the player, and only ask for dedication for those 2 days. Nothing more, nothing less. We do understand life happens, and will deal with it accordingly. We use Discord (OBVIOUSLY) and we require you to at the very least be able to listen.

Currently 9/10HC 10/10NM CN

What do we need

In short, anything. We are not fussy about certain classes or specs. In saying that, we require heals and dps at this moment. But please don’t feel that because you don’t fulfill these roles you can’t come join us. We will find a place for you in our family.

How to reach us

Easiest is to whisper me, (Battletag) Dizzyfyer#2799 or my officers

OR you could check Guild Finder in game for Zero Standards!

We feel that Shadowlands will be one of the best expansions for WoW thus far, and we would love it if you can come and enjoy it with us.

See you in Shadowlands!

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Hey Guys, i am interested, i know this post is a bit old but i sent some friend request invites (Rearentry) should be the btag name.

Currently i am Cosnidering Feral, but willing to play rogue as a main secodairy, your raid times and days are really suited for me.

I would love to have chat on discord

Hey. Add me on battle, Dizzyfyer#2799, or any of the officers and we will have a Discord chat with you when we are online!


Already sent when I made my first response

Anyone is also free to add me on Discord and we can have a chat there!



Hey! I have added you on Bnet and Disc, Resto Shaman LF guild :slight_smile:

Hi all

So just an update, currently sitting at 10/10NM 9/10HC

BUT anyone is welcome to please contact me and we can take it from there!