Future delves and dungeons too

Im sure the timers allow a certain lenience for people failing these puzzles a few times, however, i can understand that some people struggle more than others with these things.
I dont miss them when they are not there but equally they dont bother me when they are.
Would probably need to adjust the timers if they took these factors out altogether.

I don’t have anything with dialogue,but yeah the n amount of time can be boring probably.
I do have something against racing though of any kind.

Which breeds toxicity.
The first time I did the doti one,after failing the 5th time I started crying in frustration.
A game shouldn’t make you feel this bad.I play to have fun not to be this level of annoyed.

Most won’t.So lets get rid of them.

Ok dunno.Not for me to decide this.

Firstly i am not trying to be mean in ANY WAY but, if playing a video game makes you cry in frustration it would seem to me that its not something you should be doing.
There are many things in life that make me frustrated. I choose not to do them because of this.
You should avoid activities that make you feel this way.

The rest of the game doesn’t.
I am not doing them anymore.
But as delves are coming I would like to at least speak up that this kinds of mechanics are not loved ,not even wanted.
Driving me away from the game cause I don’t enjoy something and I try to raise concern that I am not the only one is not ok (just an fyi).
But yeah you are you,can’t help it.

There are multiplayer dragonriding races. That said, i would love something like a “dynamic” ground mount race.

I know there are.I don’t do or like them them though but More power to those that do.

I meant runing against something races or like the barrels in SL.Or as you say ground mount races.

But they need to be their own thing,not involved in dungeons,delves or raids.

No mechanics as such or the ones in my first post in grouped content pretty please. OR better the content done by majority,just as delves will sure be next xpack.


I have an additional request/wish regarding Delves. While the details about this feature remain somewhat elusive, it was mentioned during Blizzcon that certain delves will necessitate groups, with the potential inclusion of NPC groups.

Consider this: What if they seamlessly integrated the Warbands feature into Delves? Picture having alts capable of assuming roles like healers or tanks—why not deploy them in such scenarios? It’s akin to BG3 without the dialogue options, and the prospect seems exceptionally cool, in my opinion.

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Sure,why not.Sounds cool.

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