Future delves and dungeons too

I have a plea for the future.
Can we lose the like of boulders in BRH,time bauble in muruzond rise,whatever name had the little trash in Mechagon that also sent you back if u stepped on the swirlies.

Stop doing mechanics like this please please please.They are not pleasant.Mostly undoable.And many people hate them(I actually been told this).
Do a mini racing game for whoever likes that separately.
But please stop having them in normal places.
Seriously those mechanics are horrendous and should not exist.
Thank you


I don’t mind the puzzles/games in M0 but they are just an irritation in M+, as is all the RP.


That is not a puzzle…its some sort of race(yeah you are right,probably games).
And its irritating everywhere.
Just no more,make them their own thing like dragon racing or don’t do them at all even better.
I’d be pleased either way tyvm.

Yes excessively long rp sucks in m+. But the mini games are alright the doti one is easy once you figure it

What is easy?Getting sent back to start every time a little orb hits you?
I beg to differ.
Anyway I don’t want to see stuff like this in delves or dungeons or raids or whatever.
Make them separate,they are extra annoying ty.

Its the same route every time

Ok sure if you say so.I wouldn’t know,I managed to get to the end only once and I was still hit by an orb and sent back :exploding_head:.
I find all of them ,not just the doti one tedious and unnecessary.
This is not a mechanic for places like the ones above mentioned.

That’s fair tbh I completely agree or at least make it give % for completing

Sorry but I believe that would create toxicity towards the people that can’t do it.
Rather make it a quest outside with a gold or whatever rewards people that like it deem apropriate.

Toxicity happens over the slightest mistake anyway :man_shrugging:

So why add more?I would try to reduce the problem,not make it bigger.

That’s a good point


I can understand DotI because it depends on fast reaction times but Mechagon was pretty much just go stand in the vent until the scout passes. Annoying? Maybe. Hard? Not really.

Annoying is enough not to want them.What about the boulders in BRH?

I don’t mind them that much. Stick to the right and you have a longer sightline to better react to approaching ones.

Well you don’t,other people do.
My plea remains.
Do stuff like this separate for people that like it.Don’t force everyone to do stuff like this.Thank you

Dont mind either of these things. They can be kinda fun, especially when someone in your group is having a bad day and get hit by EVERY BALL coming down the stairs :smiley:
Gives me a good excuse to laugh and make a joke about taking balls to the face!

There have been days where I managed it in one go. And others where I was tempted to leave and accept I had been defeated by The Stairs. Migraines don’t help with reaction times lol.

Stuff like that turns me into a sweaty, incoherent mess. I wouldn’t miss it if it got left out :wink:


Maybe if you play with friends.But most people don’t.So there is no laughing to be had.
They are annoying tedious bad thingies and they shouldn’t be forced upon people that don’t like em.

Puzzles and Dialogue don’t belong in timed activities.