Future of the Forsaken

Hey everyone, I tried posting this in General the other day, but it was just ignored entirely, so I thought I’d try my luck here.

After the end of Battle for Azeroth, I was eagerly looking forward to some new plot development with the Forsaken. What with Calia Menethil meeting up with Lilian Voss, and bringing the abandoned risen night elves with her, I saw a tonne of potential.

And ever since then, we’ve gotten nothing.

What’s currently going on with the Forsaken as a people? Have they just collectively shrugged off Sylvanas abandoning them and carried on just living as refugees in Orgrimmar?

Why not have them pursuing efforts to try and rebuild what’s left of Tirisfal? After the conversation with Lilian, Calia, and Derek, what if the Forsaken rediscovered their faith in the Light? Calia was raised into undeath by a naaru, so what if many of them began to flock in droves to some new church where their decomposed and broken bodies can be restored and made whole again?

And what’s more, they could come into conflict with those who secretly remained loyal to Sylvanas, and your characters could get caught up in it all depending on the decision you made to side with either Sylvanas or Saurfang back in BfA.

I just want to see the Forsaken get some plot, after being left chomping at the bit at the end of an expansion, and then just have… nothing happen.

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Like the Orcs after WoD, I think the Forsaken (as well as the whole thing surrounding “death”) will be put to the sideline for the time being. I reckon we will get to know who the new leader will be (I’m rooting for Velonara), but I can’t see a lot of lore coming their way.

The issue is, Blizzard wrote the Forsaken to be so attached to Sylvanas that it now seems impossible for them to get lore without her. This is the opposite for the Naga, who were given lore, even when Queen Azshara was absent. The Naga were still dedicated to their Queen, but she didn’t need to be present for all of their activities. (Outland, Vashj’ir, Azuremyst Isle, Azshara zone, The Echo Isles.)

If Blizzard had put more emphasis onto some of those powerful Dark Rangers, under Sylvanas, then it’s possible the Forsaken would have more characters.


SL had too much going on already, a team in disarray, and they couldn’t really finish the plots they build the addon around, so don’t be surprised that they didn’t start any additional plots on Azeroth during that time. I do have hope for the coming addon in that regard, though. Even if it’s just a heritage quest chain.


The future of the Forsaken is one that has long been neglected. They should be put back in the ground where they belong as they deserve eternal rest. There’s no good reason for them to really exist at this point, but only do so for gameplay reasons.

I feel like most of the races have been put aside for so long. It’s sad that they’ve had so many opportunities to make them shine and they just wasted every single one of them.


Stop embrassing yourself. The Forsaken are a vailable ally of the Horde. Giving them back Lordaeron is the least we can do.

I agree. It’s like actual faction/race story arcs have been put on the back bench while Blizzard just focus on shoving expansion content in our faces and going “LOOK AT THE SHINIES!!”

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