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Short question.

Why have you buried, add game balance to game time soo deep, that I time after time i need to use google to find it?


Hello Palance,

It’s under Shop > WoW > Game Services > Game Time.

You could always bookmark it if you want, or if you believe this could be improved, please post on the general forum.

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Thank you.,

(Локтан) #4

It is obvious, they hid the Game Time so that the new players knew only about the subscription, which will automatically withdraw money from your card, even when you have already stopped playing the game.


No, that’s simply not correct. if you cancel your subscription it will not charge your card again. You can see how to manage your subscription here.

You have also tokens at your disposal.

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the main word here is if, because many players simply forget to cancel the subscription


I know its “in” to hate blizzard, but THAT is just dumb.

(Локтан) #8

No need to insult buddy, but the fact remains that the Game Time is really hidden, that sometimes you have to look for it using search engines as the author of the topic said.

And the more I don’t need to tell me that the players don’t forget to cancel their subscription.

(Saneko) #9

All one needs to do is go to the WoW shop, scroll down to Game Time and that’s about it

Unfortunately, Blizzard does not sell tinfoil hats.

(Локтан) #10

Again, no insults are needed, since you know so much about tinfoil hats, it gives me a reason to judge you as one of their users.

Since it is already known that the Game Time is at the very end of the list, and the subscription is at the top, this is already a bit strange, isn’t it?

New players don’t even see an alternative to a subscription in the form of Game Time, because they see a subscription in the top and stop at it.

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Gives him a tinfoil hat You’re welcomed into the Tinfoil Hat Club! I’ll be watching from the sidelines as you descend!

Regardless, all the information has been given as the OP requested clarification about this. It’s not hidden as is proven so, and a couple (direct) links were given.

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No, thank you, I will not join your Tinfoil Hat club (I understand this is the main condition for getting green letters), please stay away from me, stay there yourself with your like-minded people.

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What, it’s not my club :open_mouth: It’s yours and you’re the only member!

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I’ve never seen a silly like you! :rofl:

I am also not interested in your stupid statements, since the withdrawal of funds is really a problem.

For example MasterCard will prohibit automatic debiting after the expiration of the trial subscription period. This payment system reported on its official website.

Unfortunately now the prohibition will not apply to online services, but it would be very convenient. It will apply exclusively to physical goods delivered to your home.

As explained in the company, they decided to change the rules due to frequent customer complaints. For those who did not cancel the subscription on time, automatic debits turned into a real “headache”.

It already says a lot.


The thread has been answered and there’s nothing else to add, so I’m locking this before it gets more out of control.

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