Game being fairly choppy / stuttering quite a lot with normal cpu usage

Long story short i’ve been running all the troubleshooters i could find i’ve gone as far as a fresh windows reinstall,

Basically whats happening is during any play session on TBC Classic the game on any of my characters is having some weird delay not lag, just some weird tearing delay and it only lasts like half a second but it happens constantly during dungeons / other activities yet the same thing doesn’t appear to be happening on the shadowlands client and i’m basically out of alternatives to try and fix this.

If the issue persisted between both games i would be more understanding and suspect there was a hardware problem however this isn’t the case and shadowlands runs just fine with the same / more people around so yeah any input / feedback is greatly appreciated as its partially sucking the fun out of playing because its so frequent.

For clarification i’ve made as many changes as i could i knew about the issue with direct x 12 so i swapped that and backdated the graphics drivers to one thats not a total mess.

Im having the same problems but no one seems to give me a solution, basically fps drops and stutters almost everywhere, but its especially with spells and particles, even tho I set them on Low. :frowning:


Is it possible to provide some system files, in order to investigate this further? You can use a website like Pastebin to attach the files.

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Finally some official reply, I’ve been getting really desperate! :frowning: I didnt have fps drops and stutters before with spells, and now as a paladin changing auras im losing 15 fps for like 1 sec which feels like an uber stutter my whole game freezes, its virtually unplayable. Here is the pastebin: https:// pastebin. com/KC6Bmk3H . Hope you can find some reason behind this :frowning: Also 1 more thing: Changing from Fullscreen to Windowed mode seems to eliminate fps stutter when im changing auras for example. But idk why. I wanna play fullscreen :X P.S. I didnt know how to paste the link I think there was some special rule for it so I just separated it so as not to ,advertise’’ other sites by hyperlink, sorry.

After a pronlonged wait time, i did go through and reconfigure a bunch of stuff which was unable to fix on my side it seems that my CPU had finally start to give up the game on occasion is still choppy but it goes away near instantly now not enough to be significantly noticable

A reply 8 days after starting a thread is apalling and now 20 days after he replied with the requested system info in pastebin, nothing but silence and crickets… just horrible. I’m glad you’ve managed to make some changes yourself in the end that seemed to work.