Game cancelled because of "not enough players"

Our BG, Brawl: Deep Six was almost done. We were winning it. We were 70% of the way to victory… And it gets cancelled. No message or anything to explain what just happened. I was just sitting there dumbfounded. No rewards. I had to whisper a bunch of people to find out it was cancelled due to lack of players. Isn’t this a triple A game? It’s like it’s a ****ing mobile game from Korea. If you absolutely have to cancel a game which you should NEVER do, atleast give people their rewards for the match.

Also, I encounter atleast 3 bugs per day. If not more. Some of them game-breaking. Usually quest bugs which can only be fixed by abandoning quests and redoing them. Wasting alot of time. But seriously. This game is the most bug-riddled game I’ve ever seen. I don’t remember this game feeling so low quality back in TBC.

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