Game crashed/repaired and lost all addon profile settings?

After clicking my Dalaran hearthstone I disconnected repeatedly about 5 times. Then the launcher said my installation may be corrupt and proceeded to run an update.

After logging back in my mains addons have all reset and the profile data for those addons has been wiped.

…Is there anything I can do? My UI was very customised and this will take me a very long time to set back up :frowning:

We aren’t able to give support on AddOns as they aren’t made by Blizzard.
Further, AddOn profiles are stored on your computer locally, not on our servers at all, so you’ll need to set them back up yourself unfortunately.

If the game deemed your files corrupted (for whatever reason) and then updated your WTF folder then all your addon profiles and settings are unfortunately reset. Always do regular manual backups of the WTF folder after every change you make to addons, especially if your UI is heavily customized by yourself.

Yes all my friends have now backed up their folders which I should have done… It’s okay this finally gave me the push I needed to quit WoW.

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You are quitting WoW because YOUR computer crashed, and corrupted files that were ONLY stored on YOUR computer that YOU hadn’t bothered to BACK UP, and yet you are blaming Blizzard for it…

Okay then.

There was no need to bump this post.