Game Crashing after 9.2.5

After 9.2.5 my game started crashing in instanced content, BGs and Dungeons. Sometimes in the loading screen or sometimes after some minutes of play.
I did a full reinstall of the game, and I’m playing without addons and my game crashed when I went to Oribos and when I joined a random BG.

So what is happening? Any ideas?

Exactly the same issue, you´re not the only one. How annoying to wipe a dungeon group, because I, as a tank, crash randomly during fights.

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I think its also important to mention that WoW is the ONLY game that this happening to. Others, much more resource thirsty, games run fine…

EDIT: ONLY game in my library.

Also I the same guy as Cloun above, didnt know i´d appear as a “new” person.

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I did a full reinstall of the game and I still had one disconnect.
After some days I played again and I haven’t had a disconnect. Also I’ve been installing the add-ons I really need.
Additionally, there was also an update from blizzard.
All of this during last week.

Any chance you may be running the 516.40 series of Nvidia drivers, which came out recently? We’ve seen some trouble with those drivers that could lead to crashes.

Hello. No I am currently on nvidia driver 512.15

Same here. Game is freezing after a sudden amount of time without any clue on whats going on. That be said I have watched the logging process cause I’m playing on Linux but never had a problem before 9.2.5. I know it’s not official supported but I’m only having the issues with WoW Retail and Classic atm. Diablo runs fine.

So far I’ve switched the DirectX Versions for the Game, turned of all AddOns and Interfaces. My Nvidia Driver is 515.48.07.

Sadly there is no evidence on why the game crashes. It began when the Battle.Net launcher had connection issues and crashed while starting up a few day ago when the Patch 9.2.5 released.

The game error/crash logs may allow to shed some light on what is happening here - those would be best submitted alongside hardware diagnostic logs in a ticket. Linux is indeed unsupported so we’d not be able to do much (if anything at all) if the root cause of the crash is within the emulation layer, but for supported OS (Windows/MacOS) it should hopefully be possible to find a solution. :slight_smile:

The root cause will be the update 9.2.5 no other application throws the same error while using the same prefix as the Launcher and WoW itself, so it’s pretty clear whats causing the problem. As soon as there will be a fix for Windows/Mac there will be no further problem concerning Linux.

wow51900319 has anything to do with this ?


Errors folder was empty.

Creating a ticket now with a diagnostic log.

I am still crashing. Think it is still system specific, because I can freely play on my PC, but the laptop is crashing, its well above minimum requirements though. Again, it is the only game crashing & other titles, that are very resource consuming like RDR2, do not crash / freeze.