Game freeze: anyone on Linux getting error #132? (can't read memory)

I did a search on this forum on 132 and found several posts, but I thought I’d ask if someone using Linux have gotten this issue?
I’m using Linux + lutris+ wine.

Throughout entire WoW classic i could game on that without any crash or freeze, both in and outside all the battlegrounds.

Also in TBC Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin I could enter and complete these battlegrounds, and I still haven’t had any problems outside battlegrounds in TBC yet, neither in capital nor in nearby zones. Though I haven’t tried going into dungeon instances after I got this error, so it might happen there too, I don’t know.

But the 3 last times I went into Warsong Gulch, I could only play until I see the opposite team, and eventually the game freeze completely.

From wine I get error message #132 fatal exception, memory couldn’t be read.

It’s the same machine I’ve used for all of classic, with AMD CPU, and Nvidia graphic card. Not the latest and greatest but they do the job.

From the forum search, someone suggested to use DirectX 11, so I might try that, and I’ll also try lowest setting on WoW graphic settings. But as I’ve had these crashes the setting was already set to 3.

if anyone has any good tips on what would help, let me know please. Thanks.

Which version of Wine are you running WoW with?

I’m running (retail though, not classic) with WineHQ 5.21 Staging, DXVK/VKD3D enabled, and have not experienced any problems so far. Might also be NVidia driver related - I did have troubles with WoW under Linux when I was using NVidia (one of the major reasons for switching to Radeon, in fact :P).

Sorry for the late reply. I only downloaded Lutris and didn’t manually install Wine, it automatically install a version which I think is the “stable” one.
That one worked since 2019 for me, up until a few days ago.
I do have Nvidia, but have never had any problems with WoW on it, and not really that much in other games either.
I do want to switch to AMD, since it seems more Linux friendly, but I don’t want to waste my Nvidia cards until they have gotten too old.

However, a little update for those that might be searching for answers to this problem, - I was able to complete a battleground without any problems today.
As I remember there was a Blizzard update to TBC before I got the game freeze, and when I logged in today there was another update. I have no idea if this was affecting the game freezing issues.
But what I did was to lower all graphic settings as much as possible, set DirectX to 11 legacy, and also reduced the the buffer on the sound in case that would matter.
And that worked, i was able to play without any game freeze.

Which one of these that affected the issue, I have no idea. But I guess it was probably DirectX.

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