Game freezes during Mass Entanglement on Tindral

Hey! Everything in the raid is fine except for the roots phase on Tindral. My game freezes for about 6-7, sometimes even >10 seconds during Mass Entanglement on Tindral. I turned WA off and multiple other addons and the issue continues, everything else is fine, I have no FPS issues other than that. What could cause this and how do I fix this? My guild is progressing on Smolderon and it’s soon Tindral time and I would like to address this asap.

This is a major issue, no other boss has this much lag or freezes.

For mythic progression on this boss, as melee you’re pretty much required to have certain WA. These cause insane amounts of lag and issues on Tindral.

On Nm/HC you can turn these off without too much issue, depending on PC specs. But for one fight to be this heavy, Blizz must have done this intentionally.

Not everyone can dish out 2000€ for a PC just to kill Tindral.

The rendering on this fight os attrocious. Even with a mid-range PC you can play onhalf-decent graphics. Why can this fight lot hanfle minimum settings?

Blizz needs to adress this issue or people might have to skip a tier or a boss to play…

I really don’t think it’s my PC considering every other fight works without an issue and I have 100+ fps and 0 freezes anywhere other than Valdrakken. I assume it’s horrible rendering and nothing to do but quit raiding here onwards. Thanks for the help…

Yes and no.
The thing with the roots and huge fps drops is that there is so many things happening in a few seconds when they get aoed down.
All the spells and attacks + proccs etc etc on the roots have to be calculated by the game and then again by the addons you are using.
Now you see the problem lies within the engine, everything i mentioned above has to be run on one single cpu-thread because they are not multithreaded in the engine.

So you either have a top end CPU like a Ryzen 7800X3D or 13/14900K and still drop to the 30/40s or you have a slower CPU and the game might even freeze for a second or two till it catches up.

What can you do about it?
Upgrade your CPU, turn off addons / weakauras you don’t really need or wait forever till Blizzard upgrades the engine :clown_face:

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