Game freezing regularly for 30 seconds, with audio stuttering

Hi there,

Pretty agitated. I’ve got a PC which runs all other games I’ve been playing fine (OW, Holdfast, Paladins etc) but WoW seems to just be the most frustrating experience.

Whenever I’m on the game I play for about 1 minute, and then get 30 seconds of lag (environmental elements not loading, attack animations not playing, no loading of mobs etc), and the audio loops the same 3 seconds again and again until the game plays again. But then it once again repeats a further minute or so later.

The PC is: i5 2400, nVidia GT 1030, 16Gb ram, 120Gb SSD, & 500Gb HDD (This is where game is installed).

So far I have:

Reinstalled GPU drivers using clean install from Safe mode,
Reinstalled Windows,
Joined the Windows Insider thing and installed their latest Beta build,
Updated my BIOS,
Completed Disk check, clean, and defragment,
Used DISM.exe utility for recovery

all of the above have had little to no affect on this problem. The game states that it is running at 120+ fps, but the freezing and audio loops are driving me insane, please help.

Took me ages to get my WoW account back, and it’s not the welcome I was hoping for.

Edit: Since this attempt I have also ensure I have no add-ons installed, and attempted the scan and repair utility within the launcher. No success I’m afraid. So frustrating

Edit 2: I got my computer working after several days of problems. The issue was due to a driver, this one in particular was the AHCI Controller Driver, I manually installed it and now play with great success! But also, sucks super hard that no one replied to this

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