Game is too overwhelming

Oh, the drama!

It’s called business. It’s how business operates. Some people really appreciate the opportunity to add extra things to their purchase. People who don’t want them don’t have to buy them.

Great. DF is perfect for this.

Personal opinion. I really like the look of dracthyr. I just wish I didn’t have to play an evoker to be one.

Never has been. At least it’s a fast experience now.

On an evoker? Really? When I first tried it, I found the lack of buttons to press disconcerting.

You’re doing content that’s a year old. What did you expect?

Why on earth did you use a boost on a class you’re not enjoying playing? This feels like you’d already decided you weren’t going to continue and you were going to post a ‘WoW is bad’ thread on the forums, and you were just looking for more material.

Not really. You could just read the spell tooltips and figure it out for yourself. Reading guides just makes learning the rotation faster. And if your plan was to do world content, HC dungeons and LFR, you were free to play with whatever talents, gear, stats, etc you wanted. No need to look at any guides.

Why? I mean, DBM is nice, weakauras are nice (and in my opinion, a class weakaura package is far neater than visible action bars), but none of it is needed for the level of content you were planning to do. You’re not going to get one-shot if you stand in the fire in LFR. You’d have to bathe in it for several seconds.

Why burn yourself out looking at videos when you could just let the game show you what there is to do?

You get hyped about sitting in queues, lag and server crashes?

Except that you can’t ‘win’ a MMO, only complete the current content, and if people want to pay for that, why does it bother you?


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edit: reading the thread better, it looks like you recycled a bunch of takes from a bunch of streamers


P2W is getting things outside what is available ingame. Gold is widely available in game, and easily accessible to.

P2W would be what you find in F2P games, like extra characters only available through that VIP nonsense to raise your power level, or some OP character through paid GATCHA… buying buffs [like extra damage and defence] to have an advantage overplayers, etc etc etc. … literally any advantage gained NOT AVAILABLE to non-paying players.

WoW literally offers no such things, therefore it ain’t “P2W”. Or are you going to tell me someone who can make gold off the AH is “P2W” too, along with all those people that buy gear and mats off said AH?

The base game is free (in the sense you don’t have to buy an expansion). You just pay a subscription and you can play up to the previous expansion. In this case up to and including Shadowlands. You also have access to Classic Era, Season of Discovery and Wrath of the Lich King for just the sub price.

By pre-purchasing the next expansion you’re actually getting both the next expansion and Dragonflight together.

The bulk of the playerbase will still play on actual launch rather than early access. There will be the same hype and excitement for most of us starting then.

The best thing you can do is just leave Trade and Trade Services channels. They are just a sea of spam that you most likely won’t even want to look at until you are max level. Leaving by channel number is the easiest. Like /leave 2

The bulk of players don’t bother with any of that until they hit cap. I think at most I’ve looked up the very basics of a rotation when it comes to alts or a basic build. Addons are a great way to customise your UI or track things as you feel you need. You can have as many or as few as you are comfortable with.


you can easily get bingo from this thread, or more like fill the whole checklist

Exactly,this isnt the game for me anymore or dare i say its not what it used to be.
One of the reason why i play 1hour per week for the past two month

I agree that it’s inevitable that being new to a game can feel overwhelming. I’m very used to WoW, even so we have new systems introduced and to start with we are all a bit clueless until we get to grips with them.

I tried FF again for the second time (many years in between attempts) and I’m so lost with how everything works. I asked so many questions but that’s how we learn IMO. We either ask or google :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


Well tbh most classes really only use about 5 buttons, Im not sure if its a WeakAura or Blizz thing but everything that lights up you just click like Whack a Mole. If you got any time left over I’d try a different class Evoker kinda sucks tbh, I really wanted to like it but its just awkward and clunky with an annoying distance range. They really wanted to be different with it but it just as Devastation doesn’t know what it wants to be spellcaster or melee and it just feels odd. Strangely as well its not massively OP as most new classes always are so I dont see many rolling it in the future unless they really make some changes.

No P2W is any sort of power you can buy for real money.

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And gold is no real power. So not p2w

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Only advantages not accessible via ingame means, try again.

Cash is Gold is Power.

Cash → Token → Gold → (Legal) Boost = Power.

Just looking at some current offers, Gladiator title, mount and gear is running pricey at 30M, and Heroic clear with armor traders + KSM with traders, which will certainly get you full HC level gear, is still definitely a middle-class perk at about 8M. But it’s early in the season; those prices will drop soon enough.

boosting in any sort should be against the rules
i know some people that are advertising for the boosters with 4 accounts and they they are keep buying accounts/
its win=win for them and blizzard/
each month they get banned and they buy a new and cycle keep reapiting

Amen. But it isn’t. And until it is

Cash → Token → Gold → (Legal) Boost = Power.


p2w includes in-game stuff too. and most people can’t mythic raid or do +20 keys but they can buy them . even if p2w included only things you can’t get in-game this game would still be p2w.

Using an ingame currency widely accessible for services is not “p2w”. Else the very existence of the AH is “p2w” by your logic since Vanilla…

“People buying mats instead of farming it themselves, p2w!!”


mythic raiding isn’t widely accessible and p2w includes any kind of power gain with spending real money. selling an item on game shop for money & locking it behind the last mythic boss of the raid & then people buying gold to get that item is the same thing.
AH does not include real money unless you buy the gold .

Uh huh, still not p2w.

P2W is literally any power gains OUTSIDE what is available ingame. Those people that buy a boost for Mythic or PvP can farm their gold for said boost, er go not p2w.

Come back to me when Blizz starts selling inaccessible legendaries that you can’t get ingame, damage/defence boost auras, increased gold drop buff, etc etc etc. that give those players an extra edge over non-paying players you see in the likes of mobile games.

I find it always ironic how people say “WoW is pay2win” when those players very likely never really played an ACTUAL Pay2Win title.

i don’t know what makes you think p2w has that one certain definition but it’s not true. if you’re able to buy more power with real money, that’s p2w. it doesn’t have to be on the cash shop. that’s how it works in every other game ,otherwise there wouldn’t be this many mmos considered as p2w.

i’ve played THE most p2w games of all time . i feel like people defending wow has no idea about whaty other games do and why do people consider them as p2w. many many mmos don’t sell things on their cash shop but they’re still considered as p2w because you can literally buy best items with in-game currency & real money.