Game Over?

Damage is already done Vidius, Now transfer is open you’ll have a very empty world to enjoy :slight_smile:

Havent experienced any empty world. Nevertheless do you think a horde player cant transfer to a server with healthier faction balance?

Maybe you should set a trend lol

No need. I’m enjoying the server quite well right now.

Love how Blizzard opened paid char transfers two weeks AFTER you started leveling again on another server… It is like they intentionally did this to spit on your ugly toxic face

You can’t find a tank or healer in first minute???

People pay tanks on most servers/factions… it is natural progression outcome of the game in this state… pretty much most if not all tanks don’t need to log in beyond raid times, certainly won’t be running dungeons with randoms (or even guildies unless feeling generous)… you chose the most flawed measure…

Once again making no sense with a moronic comment. They didn’t spit on my face… they listened and opened the transfers so players could get away from scum like you. Enjoy your miserable existence on Stonespine :joy:

Don’t listen to that clown, on other servers you don’t pay tanks and healers. On my new server the balance is around 50/50.
Great world pvp, plenty of dungeons going on and good fun between Alliance and Horde.
Finally I’m feeling the nostalgia that was missing Sadspine.

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